Permanently Sustainable Culture...

Someone asked to have this article It’s Not Rocket Science: Land Productivity, Food Rights reduced to some seminal passage or extract. OK... here's my take on it.

Reading is fundamental for PERMACULTURE, too.
Permanently Sustainable Culture...

Here's the author's own synopsis:

"Hunger is not inevitable. Factory farming is not inevitable. Low-quality, tasteless, contaminated food is not inevitable. Repeated “food scares” are not inevitable. Soaring public health costs are not inevitable. Another and better food system is eminently possible — now, not ten years from now or after some promised, imaginary “scientific breakthrough”. It is possible right now, today — in our own backyard(s)."

"What are we waiting for?"

We are waiting for people to act locally. Action. Now. Feeding ourselves and/or working closely with those who feed us. Working on global food policy to prevent wholesale population poisoning by BIG AG & BIG OIL. Protecting farmland and recovering land which *can* be farmed, keeping small-scale growers closer to urban areas. The best scientific breakthrough we can foment is a community's epiphany - bringing into being a whole people's realization that age-old natural methodologies, balancing our agricultural inputs and outputs, *is* sustainable - a culture based on GROWTH, GROWTH, GROWTH is simply not sustainable.

And I'm off that soapbox...
... and onto another.

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It’s Not Rocket Science:
Land Productivity, Food Rights

18th March 2009, 08:59 pm by DeAnander

We’re all familiar with the myth: we learned it in school. It goes something like this:

Once Upon a Time, in the 1960’s, a crew of brilliant whitefellas in lab coats Saved the World by revolutionising farming and eliminating world hunger. Their new, advanced mechanical/chemical farming methods — vast areas of monocrop, heavy tractors, giant combines, tonnes of artificial pesticides and fertilisers — and their new, improved, superior hybridised crops increased yields tenfold and more. Without industrial farming, billions would starve, even though other billions would be re-sentenced to the short lives of brutal, backbreaking toil from which they were rescued by industrial/mechanised farming. Therefore, anyone who advocates organic or “sustainable” farming practise is some kind of heartless elitist who wants billions to starve and the rest to live as dawn-to-dusk field slaves — for this is what will happen if we do not continue and expand the highly successful [and highly profitable, for everyone except farmers and eaters] model of industrial/corporate farming. There is no other way to feed ourselves. If there are “external costs” of the industrial farming system, we will just have to accept them.

That’s what I was taught in school — and probably you were too, if the subject of agriculture was even mentioned during your school years...

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