BADSEED Funky Friday Farmers Market in the Crossroads...

Hello Famished Folk,

Thanks to all of you who made it out to our market opening last Friday night! Between all of us local food producers, the hoard of smiling customers, and the savored sounds of Checkered Past, we had a truly packed house. What a welcoming for all of this season's new vendors!

Well, its already time for another market for us BADSEEDs. If you didn't get a chance to meet the new cast of characters last week, come down and see the spectacle for yourselves. If you saw us last week, you know that this place is worth making into a habit. As I said to the person who told me they were using large exotic cats to keep their bamboo at bay, its weird.

This week promises a bit more good food than last week. Our baker apologizes profusely for his unexpected absence last week, and has promised to bring his delightful bread this week. We'll be getting more of that amazing feta cheese from Goatsbeard (The best feta that Brooke or I have ever tasted, including in Greece). And despite our farms being deeply mired in mud and muck, us crazy farmers will harvest a bit more than last week. Here's what our producers had to say:

Herb'n Gardener
Lew Edminsterr
Summit & Belleview on the West Side

i got abuncha green garlics, some not so very much sorrel, some fresh harvested eyetalian basil and a buncha bunches chives and that's no jive. transplants will be considerably less that last week. oh, and don't forget, my charming personage.

Platte Prairie Farms
Steve Mann
North KCMO

Steve will have his huge sweet potatoes this week, along with spinach and bamboo shoots, black raspberry plants, summer squash babies, kamut grass (trays and shots), and a selection of BULK Organic Grains including brown rice, oatmeal, raw almonds, raisins, and sprouting seeds. Yumm!

Brooke Salvaggio and Daniel Heryer
West Bannister Neighborhood of KC

Brooke and I will have more succulent bags of BABY SPINACH, our deluxe SALAD MIX with edible flowers, the ever-longed-for STIR-FRY MIX, magnificent bunches of LEMON SORREL, and bunched HERBS like tarragon and chives. We will also have more plants for sale that will allow you to grow brilliant stuff on your own, including a selection of HEIRLOOM TOMATO PLANTS, eggplant, and countless herbs and flowers for the garden.

Sherri Harvel
19th & College St.

Sherri will have sweet radishes, greens and a variety of transplants for your garden. She might also have some other stuff she's not telling us about...

George and Vicki Hartmann
Kansas City, MO

Hi all you coffee lovers. Thanks for making our first night a success. We were overwhelmed by the customers wanting to buy cups of coffee and apologize for running out of coffee by the cup. That has never happened before and we just didn't anticipate the crowds for the summer. Not that we're complaining!

This Friday we will have our usual Rainforest Blend, Ethiopia decaf and a new Peru for you to sample in our pots. Some Blue Nile Blend will also be on hand for sale. See you there! George and Vicki Hartman.

Chris Glenn of Cafe Europa

Incredible sourdough breads made from wild local yeasts and local/organic wheat flour, as well as loaves incorporating organic quinoa, cornmeal and spelt.

DON'T FORGET, we will also have Missouri's own fantastic hard, soft, and flavor-filled
and FREE RANGE EGGS from Alice and Marvin of Wellington, MO

So come down, support your growers, and if you BYOB, bring some extra Boulevard for us, too, would ya?

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Farmer Dan
The Mister of BADSEED

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