Troostwood Youth Garden Market - FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS - 52nd & Paseo


Troostwood You

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5142 Paseo, Kansas City, Missouri 64110

Friday nights, 5 pm to 8pm
Saturdays, 8 am to 2 pm

May 15 thru late October

Organically grown vegetables and produce grown sustainably by neighborhood youth - a member of JJ Farms - one of a number of farmers' markets featured by the Kansas City Food Circle.

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Kansas City, MO

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Troostwood Garden started as an activity for kids...

LAST MARKET DAY - BROOKSIDE - The Community Farmers Market at Brookside (KCMO) - for Market Day (SATURDAY)

Greetings Market Friends!

Greetings and fond farewells (at least until next year).
This is the last market of the '09 season.

This season brought some wild ups and downs to customers and vendors alike, but every Saturday we could count on friendly faces. Thank you for your support, friendship and appreciation of our local foods and farmers. We couldn't do this without you - you are the most important part of local food - the local part. You remind us that we aren't just growing vegetables or making cheese, we are being invited into your homes and to your tables every week. That honor is what keeps us planting, prepping, creating and going. There is nothing quite like thinking of a particular market customer as you harvest an item you know will delight them.

We'll keep thinking of you over the winter as we prepare for next season. We hope you will all take care and stay warm and well-fed through the cold months. We'll miss you! We'll miss market! We'll miss sharing recipes, bragging about our wares and commiserating over the weather. We'll miss the market kids, the market dogs, and the market music. We will miss all of it ... but maybe not so much next Saturday morning, as we snuggle back under the warm covers for a well deserved sleep-in. :)

But no sleeping in this Saturday... this is the grand finale! We'll be at market with plenty of fresh local food to stock up on. We hope you'll come see us and help us usher out the season in style.


From our vendors:

Wells Family Farms

Hi Everyone, It will be good to see you all again, I am sorry that I ran out of beef, in the freezer, not the field! But am back in business and ready to share all the goodies from our farm.
We have all cuts available, also we have sweet breads! it is actually suet, it was requested so had a couple extra made up.

We also will be bringing other goodies, wreaths, baskets full of squirrel food (acorns! yummy!) and hedge balls. Our diatomaceous earth is jarred up and ready and our teas have made a big splash. I will have Red Raspberry and Blackberry with me. Dried soy beans to make your snakes with and seeds for planting and sprouting. '
I hope to be harvesting my horse radish this week, it will be sold as whole fresh root. I was warned to grind it out side so will experiment with this!

Call or email with special orders!

Thank you,


Blue Door

Yeah! My fall crops matured in time and I will have a plethora of new crops to share! I'm glad to be able to share this last abundance with you all, so please come by and see me. I'll have:

- Persimmons!!! If you've never enjoyed a ripe, native persimmon, you simply must, must, must come by and try one. These fall treats have been described as a mix of a date, plum and tangerine... tantalized yet?
- Broccoli. Fall broccoli is super tasty, but quantities are limited.
- Baby fennel. Great raw in salads, roasted or poached with fish.
- Sorrel. This lemony green is great raw or in sorrel soup.
- Head lettuce (Romaine and Red Summer Crisp)
- Shunkyo radishes. This neon pink, daikon like radish is sweet to start, with a pleasant, slow building heat to finish. My absolute favorite radish.
- Raab. This new crop is tender and marvelous. If you've never had raab, come by and ask for recipes.
- Pac choi. Fat and juicy, white stemmed and perfect for raw snacking for stir fry.
- Chard. The yummy rainbow green.
- Turnips love this weather.
- Garlic chives.
- Kale. My loyal Winterbor kale continues to produce.

Thank you all so much for your support this season. I love growing food for you all and am excited about next season. If you have suggestions or requests, please let me know - I'm always up for new ideas!

Best wishes,



Late October. The last market. Time for reflection. Time to celebrate the summer’s harvest. Time to say see-ya-later to market farmers and friends. We come to the last market with gratitude for the support of the Brookside neighborhood, the area merchants, the new customers of the year and our long-time regular customers. It’s been a great year full of cooperation and growth, struggle and success, rain and more rain. Have you ever seen so much rain?

What we lost in potatoes because of the rain, we gained in peppers.
This year we’ve eaten peppers and more peppers and more peppers. Some years it’s eggplant and more eggplant and far too often it’s squash and more squash. As a farmer though, I’m thankful whenever anything grows. I always think eating something is better than eating nothing.

So, to this last market of the season, we will bring PEPPERS- sweet, bell peppers and tiny, hot peppers. TOMATOES---a few red ones for the market early-birds and lots of green ones for everyone else. Think fried green tomatoes, green tomato relish, green tomato salsa, green tomato and parsley soup? We still have EGGPLANT ripening in the field and will bring that. GREEN BEANS and EDAMAME. New crop of SCALLIONS and LEEKS. Freshly dug SWEET POTATOES---Yumyumyum! BABY SQUASH. KALE and SWISS CHARD. MICROGREENS and WATERCRESS. Our wonderful leaves of SALAD MIX and LETTUCE MIX. The most perfect SPINACH I’ve ever seen or tasted anywhere anytime. ARUGULA that will knock your wool socks off. And ROOTS---the TURNIPS are flawlessly delicious, BEETS and maybe 14 CARROTS (we’re between crops). The HERBS are doing fine in this weather. LEMONGRASS and PARSLEY, ROSEMARY and SAGE, and some others will be handily available as you check out at the stand. Oak Ridge Farm is bringing us their melt-in-your-mouth SHITAKE MUSHROOMS.

Be sure to up sign up at the stand for the farm’s winter veggie email. Weather permitting we’ll be growing all the way through the night of winter bringing fresh, organic and local produce to you and yours. Our high tunnels will be full of greenness if you want to stop by the farm and check them out.

We thank each and every one of you for your continued support through this year. We would not be the farm we are without you. We would not be able to do the things we do without you all doing what you do.

Thank you. We’ll see you Saturday.

Green Dirt Farm

Our last market day for the season. We will have all of our Fresh cheese and almost all of our aged cheeses including Prairie Tomme (sorry no Queen of the Prairie- she is sold out until next year.) We will also have a good selection of lamb cuts including sausage. Hope to see you there!
But if you can't make it on Saturday please come and see us on Friday evenings at the Bad Seed Farmers' Market (19th and McGee.) We expect to be at this indoor farmers' market through January.



Saturdays, 8am to 1pm
under the white tents at theBorder Star Montessori School
63rd & Wornall, Kansas City, MO 64113

The Farmers' Community Market at Brookside is Dedicated to Creating a Unique Partnership between the Community and Farmers who provide High Quality, Local and Organic Products in an atmosphere that is mutually beneficial, wholesome and fun.The Market also helps to support the Border Star PTA.