Funky Friday Farmers Market at BADSEED - FRIDAYS in the CROSSROADS

Dearest "Consious Consumers" of Local Flavor -

The air is changing and the leaves are falling. Farmers Markets around town are closing up for the Winter months ahead. This can be a sad time for the "local foodie" or the "proactive parent" who seeks the freshest organic ingredients to bring to the table and feed the ones they love.

Well my famished friends, us crazy farmers at the BADSEED Market can calm those aching bellies. As you know we will be open all Winter long thru January 31st with free-range meats, artisan cheeses, fresh baked breads, baked goods, jams & jellies, winter greens, root vegetables, sweet potatoes, and more!!!

Please take note: our new Winter hours will be
every Friday from 4-8 PM.

It can be tempting during these cold times, due to convenience and hectic schedules, to "ditch" the weekly market and settle for the supermarket instead. But I urge you in these moments to remember the importance of eating well! Food is your medicine. Your body deserves wholesome foods grown with love in your immediate community by a face you have seen and can trust. Wasting your pay check away at Whole Foods Market just doesn't cut it. Industrial Organic Foods are not sprayed with certain pesticides, but they are still unethically grown: exploiting labor, resources, and fossil fuels during transport. By the time they reach your table they are no longer FRESH!! There is something truly remarkable about purchasing food from real people...real hands with real dirt under fingernails...real community & culture. The relationship between farmer and eater is a sacred one. So - LETS EAT!!!

This week we are lucky to have a couple NEW VENDORS including:

Green Dirt Farm - Weston, MO
*Notorious for their artisan Sheep's Cheeses and their pastured lamb cuts, Green Dirt is something Kansas City Eaters can be proud of!! Treat yourselves. You deserve it!!

Wells Family Farms - King City, MO
Everybody loves Kim Wells (she's a doll) with her certified organic, grass-finished BEEF. Happy cows mean happy people, so get your fill of America's heartland at it's finest!!!

As for your usual gang of gregarious GROWERS:

From BADSEED Farm - Southside, KCMO
The season is not over yet folks! The BADSEED's will have a plethora of "earthly delights" including varietalSWEET POTATOES, Heirloom CHEESE PUMPKINS perfect for PIES, MEAN GREENS like ARUGULA, DINO KALE,Rainbow CHARD, Spicy MUSTARDS, "Stir-Fry" MIX, Gourmet SALAD BOWLS, righteous ROOTS including BEETS,RADISHES, TURNIPS, Culinary HERBS, and more...
Load up before it is too late!!

From HERB "n" GARDENER - Westside, KCMO
Get it while it is hot...this may be Lew's last week at market!! He will have luscious greens including ARUGULA, specialty SALAD MIXES, CHARDS & KALES, and a whole lotta' love.....

From Platte Prairie Farms - Northside, KCMO
The "Squash Father" will have totally outrageous roots including RUTABEGAS, BEETS, & TURNIPS, not to mentionGREENS, Dried GRAINS & NUTS, OATMEAL, and herbs....

From Pov's Garden - An Urban Farm in KCK
As usual Pov will blow your mind with his charming self and awesome quantities of home-grown goodies includingHEIRLOOM PUMPKINS in tangerine, periwinkle, and rustic orange, as well as FRESH GINGER ROOT, APPLES,ASIAN GREENS, and maybe (if we are lucky) TOMATOES!!!

From Western Hills Produce - Higginsville, MO
Alice will be sure to wet your whistle with her fresh baked breads (from home-grown and freshly ground wheat), as well as muffins, cup-cakes, & cookies. Canned goodies like fruit jams and jellies will also be available alongside seasonal produce and farm-fresh EGGS!!!

And last but certainly not least BREAD OF LIFE BAKERY will be there with all sorts of breads and sweet treats,Puddin' Head will be bangin' with the world's finest freshly ground organic/fair-trade coffee, and GOATSBEARD GOAT CHEESE will be aging for your pleasure in the big silver fridge!!!

So there you have it.


On behalf of myself and my fellow farmers, we look forward to feeding you.

Yours Truly,

-farmer and mistress of the BADSEED

An Urban-Organic Farm & Market
Celebrating Local Food, Culture, and Community

1909 McGee*KCMO*64108

See you this Friday from 4:00 to 8:00 PM

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