KCUR FM 89.3 FM - Walt Bodine - K.C. History Series - Grocery Shopping in River City 12-28-2009

(We found this to be an interesting discussion, paving the way for future topics and development. Thanks to NPR & KCUR for all that they do! - Dave/WebMinion)

The Walt Bodine Show - 12/28/2009

Kansas City History Series,
Grocery Shopping in River City ©

From small neighborhood grocery stores to large supermarket chains, how have the places where Kansas Citians have purchased food over the years impacted the evolution of our city? As part of our Kansas City History Series, we’ll take a look at the history of groceries here in town, exploring the significance of a grocery store to a neighborhood or community. In the second half, call us with your insights, or with fond memories of a small local grocery store from years gone by.

-Monroe Dodd, Local Historian
-Stephanie Spatz-Ornburn, Director of Marketing and Events
-Steve McDowell, BNIM Principal and Project Designer


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  • we think, believe, attempt, celebrate and explore making conscious choices when buying food, products and services.
  • we know giving out business to the local hardware store over a giant conglomerate big box store means supporting our neighbors and our community.
  • we know that growing our own food (when possible) and buying food and goods directly from the farmer (and butcher, baker and candlestick maker) means food that is fresh, pesticide free, not genetically modified, has intense flavor and has traveled a relatively short distance giving the bonus of helping to lessen our carbon footprint. and, again, we are supporting our neighbors and our community.
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KC Food Circle's Emily Akins
on Homegrown:

kansas city food circle- episode 56
Sunday, December 6, 2009

This week we talk with Emily Akins from the Kansas City Food Circle. If living the locavore life has anything to do with it, we understand why Missouri is dubbed the “show me state”. They have a very active and vibrant locavore community there, with much thanks owed to KCFC.

Wanna be a locavore but don’t quite know how to connect with local farmers and producers? KCFC acts as a conduit “connecting local organic and free range growers with local eaters”. They are all about information sharing (with a yearly directory, blog, harvest hotline and e-list updates) and outreach (organized workshops, a yearly farmer’s expo - the ideal place to meet your food producers). We are thrilled to connect with such avid locavores!