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Sustainable food:
Local versus organic

January 26, 2010 by Caitlin
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The latest post in my series on sustainable food in partnership with Chris Perrin of Blog Well Done.

It’s time to buy groceries. You are armed with a shopping list, cloth bags and the best of intentions to buy food that is sustainable in every way. But the organic apples in Whole Foods are from New Zealand and your farmers’ market only has fruit that has been sprayed with nasty chemicals. What to do?

Local and organic food

Now I have to say that every farmers’ market I have ever visited has had a good organic selection and I’ve generally found good supermarkets do offer organic produce from their own region or state. I’ve also had good experiences with organic fruit and vegetable box delivery schemes. I don’t subscribe to one here, though I know they are available, but I was signed up with Abel & Cole in London for three and a half years. Yet I can accept that my experiences in London, England and San Francisco, USA may not be the norm since they are both cosmopolitan cities renowned for their foodie scene and environmental awareness. Even here I sometimes can’t have food that’s both local and organic. What’s it like where you live? How do you make that choice?

Chris has written over at Blog Well Done about his choices. He visits an organic farmers market in Kansas City, which offers the best of both worlds. However, since only four or five stalls are devoted to vegetables, he finds that he still needs to supplement his green grocery shopping elsewhere. For the remainder of his shopping he decided that he would buy organic vegetables even if they were grown further away. He figures that pesticide is just as poisonous no matter where the crops are grown...

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