blue bird bistro - Farmers' Table - Saturday, March 13th

blue bird bistro

presents a 5-course

Saturday, March 13, 2010

featuring Cal-Ann Farms, Basehor, Kansas

and Squash Blossom Coop, Kansas City, MO

start with an aperitif and hors d'oeuvres
as you mingle and visit with our local farmers

be seated for five courses of
all local culinary delight

special seating at 7:45pm for
anyone wanting to dine with the farmers

Thane Palmberg Farm rosti potatoes
filled with JCCC winter spinach
and Good Nature Family Farms
cheddar farmhouse cheese

strips of Rain's Farm all natural beef rib eye
tossed in Somerset Ridge Winery port sauce
with roasted Beau Solais Farm oyster mushrooms
and Beau Solais Farm radish shoots

Squash Blossom Coop butternut squash soup

Cal-Ann Farm locally raised talipia
poached with Thane Palmberg Farm green onions
and Menno Brennerman Farm butter on a bed of

Squash Blossom Coop Kale

finish with Cal-Ann Farm basil
and Bob Burn's Kansas honey mousse


blue bird bistro

Creation Care Earth Fair Saturday ~ May 15th ~ Village Presbyterian Church, Prairie Village, KS

The Village Church Environmental Action Committee
is hosting a first annual...

Creation Care Earth Fair
Saturday, May 15th
11am to 4pm*
The Village Presbyterian Church
67th and Mission Road
Prairie Village, KS

*approximate times

Event Chairman - Al Pugsley
(913) 262-4200


BADSEED Update - WORKSHOPS starting up in March, 2010...

Howdy Glorious Supporters of Urban Agriculture & Local Organic Foods -

This is your oh so dedicated rebel farmer writing to enliven the "homesteader" and "dirt-digger" within you.

As you know, BADSEED aims to teach urban dwellers to "live off the grid in the grid" through our on-going series of Urban Homesteading classes. Our hands-on workshops focus on traditional & alternative skills for self-sufficiency and quality of life. Speaking of life......take yours back! There is nothing more invigorating than the sheer liberation that comes from picking your own fresh veggies, harvesting your own eggs or meat, preserving the garden's bounty for the winter months ahead, brewing your own beer, making your own medicine......and the list goes on. Check out the up-coming Spring Classes and stay-tuned for Summer and Fall offerings. To sign-up for a class please fill out our mail-in registration form which is attached or can be downloaded at

Classes For Spring 2010

Sunday, March 21, 3-5 pm -

Organic Transplants: How to Start Your Own!!

*Location: BADSEED Market, 1909 McGee, KCMO, 64108

Join BADSEED Farmers, Brooke Salvaggio & Daniel Heryer, and get down and dirty (literally) as we mix up homemade potting soils and plant some seeds for your magnificent (soon to be) organic garden.

Students will learn:

*How to make their own organic potting soil

*How and When to seed specific crops indoors, and when to plant them outside

*Where to obtain ingredients and supplies at the best price

Students will go home with their own seeded tray of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and herbs. As well as an informational packet including seeding schedules and local resources.

Cost of Class: $25


Saturday, April 24, 2-4 pm -

How To Raise Backyard CHICKENS!!

*Location: BADSEED Farm, 1201 W Bannister Rd, KCMO, 64114

Join urban-chicken-maniac, Brooke Salvaggio (and her 15 feathered friends), and discover the joys of keeping backyard birds from day-old chick to egg-producer. Learn everything the future city-chicken keeper needs to know for a successful mini-flock including:

*breeds and varieties (behavior, hardiness, egg-laying potential)

*brooder, coop and run design

*benefits of pasture and grazing

*feed and organic supplements

*natural predators (hawks, raccoons, dogs, etc.)

*not-so-natural predators (the City and residential zoning ordinances....)

Students will receive informational packets including local sources for chicks, feed, and various supplies. Not to mention farm-fresh eggs courtesy of the gals!!

Cost of Class - $30


Sunday, May 9, 2-5:30 pm (rain-out date is Sun, May 16th) -

Backyard Gardening: Growing Food For Your Family

*Location: BADSEED Farm, 1201 W Bannister Rd, KCMO, 64114

Urban/organic farmers Brooke Salvaggio and Daniel Heryer will teach a hands-on workshop in the basic art of vegetable farming designed specifically for urban/suburban spaces using “beyond-organic” cultivation practices.

Students will learn "no-till" permaculture techniques for creating fertile garden beds as well as more traditional approaches of forking and turning over the soil. We will work together to prepare, seed, and plant a thriving vegetable garden on-site at BADSEED Farm. In addition to hands-on training, students will receive comprehensive literature including planting guides, information regarding local seed sources, supplies, and soil amendments.

Cost of Class - $40


For a crazy BADSEED Farm up-date, read on..........

For those of you new to this e-mail list or new to BADSEED altogether, you are not aware of our "illegal" practices. The badseeds are myself (Brooke) and my better half, Dan. In addition to the BADSEED Market we operate a 2.5 acre urban/organic farm at 95th and Stateline in Kansas City, MO. You are probably thinking: " farm"?? Yeah, I know. It doesn't really add up, huh? Well for some folks it sure does. In July of 2009 the City attempted to shut-down our bucolic urban farm due to zoning code violations (and the political pull of a more affluent neighbor). Ever since then, Dan and I have been launched into a bureaucratic nightmare and our lives have been turned up-side-down. To make a long story short - After a lot of push back from our die-hard supporters, the City backed off from forcing us to completely dismantle our operation. We could continue our efforts with considerable restrictions placed on our activities. Dan and I begrudgingly finished out the season, but the compromised farm model was not something we could live with long-term.

Therefore, for the last 6 months we have been working diligently on a proposal to purchase 13 virgin acres on Kansas City's east side. Ducks were all in a row, and then at the last minute the public agencies we were working with put up a road block that left our project dead in the water. Dan and I.....exhausted and broken by this point......decided it was time to throw in the towel and leave Kansas City. We painted on smiles and finished out the Winter Market season with our beloved fellow-vendors and customers, and then made preparations to dismantle the farm and market. We were about to accept jobs on a horse-powered sheep dairy in New York state and announce our sad departure to all of YOU, and then (low and behold) our land proposal was rejuvenated!! The reason why isn't important, but let's just say our incessant demands upon particular political entities finally paid off!!

If all details go as planned, in a few months Dan and I should be the proud stewards of 13 serendipitous acres in the city. We will dedicate our lives to creating a diversified organic orchard and vineyard integrated with heirloom animals for fertility and pest management, not to mention delicious by-products like eggs and fresh milk. We will still grow those glorious vegetables that you have come to know and love, but in addition we hope to add dried beans and small grains to our production. Infrastructure will include a solar-heated community green house, an earth-berm barn and modest homestead. We hope this large-scale urban farm can serve as a national "green" model for city planners. We want to see urban agriculture serve as a vehicle for utilizing wasted, vacant land and rejuvenating our communities with fresh food and LIFE.

But must come back down to earth!! The land is completely raw. It lacks basic amenities like water and adequate fencing. Dan and I only have four hands between us. We look forward to them becoming brittle, earth-stained, and calloused as we build our vision one day at a time.

For the immediate 2010 growing season we will continue to farm our current site under the restrictions placed upon us. These include no apprentices or volunteers (help that we previously relied on). Despite labor shortages we will simultaneously work to secure and prepare our new site for 2011 plantings and the transference of our beloved animals: the chickens which we still have on our current farm and the whimsical, way-ward goats that so many of you came to adore. They have been generously housed on another farm since we were forced to get rid of them last June.

Oh man!! What a ride............and to think that it is only beginning.

The best piece of advise I received during this last (somewhat epic) year of my life was very simple: breathe and smile.

I am going to do just that. I suggest you do the same until we meet again.

See you at the
BADSEED Farmers Market

Season Opening!

Friday May 7th

4-9 PM!!

Yours Truly,


-farmer and mistress of the BADSEED