Farmers' Community Market at Brookside - SATURDAYS 8am-1pm

We are blessed to prosperity by the bounty our local organic farms and vendors are bringing us this week! I am awed by the sight, smell and taste of the summer’s treats. One of my new favs is just slicing cucs, tomatoes, cilantro and onions together with a little Braggs Amino acids (or soy) and some unfiltered apple cider vinegar. So fresh, delicious and nutritious!

And, we have our friends the Nelson-Atkins Museum of art as our guests this Saturday! Get a free sketchpad featuring an Egyptian sarcophagus, when you sign up for now@thenelson, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art monthly e-newsletter!!! Come visit with us at our booth to sign up and discover the exhibitions, events and community fun at the Museum.
This weeks goodies...

Bear Creek Farms

Tomatoes! Yeah - tomatoes. Finally - tomatoes!

So at market we'll have tomates, cabbage, cucumbers, zucchini, okra, peppers, fresh cut basil, onions, potatoes and everything else we can find out in the fields.

Hope everyone had a grand 4th of July! We actually took the afternoon off and went picnicing and swimming - what fun!

Lonnie, Jeanna, Logan and Makayla
Robbins and Jim

This week, the New Roots for Refugees farmers will be at market with the first of our heirloom tomatoes (more if we get lots of sun this week!), summer squash, cucumbers, flowers, cilantro, basil, tasty ethnic greens (ask how to fix 'em!) and MUCH MORE!

Looking forward to seeing you all at the market.

Green Dirt Farm:
We hope you have been enjoying the latest batch of Bossa. It is super
creamy and beautifully ripe. The last of the batch will be at the market
on Saturday. We also have some just perfectly ripe Woolly Rind. And, as
always, we will have plenty of our Fresh cheese and frozen retail cuts of
lamb (no sausage yet, sorry). Hope we'll see you there!

Thanks, Pam!

Bread of Life

Hello Brookside,

I hope everyone had a nice 4Th of July with family,friends and fireworks. Our family was together for a BBQ with some of Brooksides finest, Kim's steaks, Amy's Zucchini and our bread on the grill. We had a good time watching Chris teach Glenn how to grill. I guess you are never to old to learn.
Luke and Chris will have the usual this week. A new item for us is our Monkey Bread (cinnamon pull apart bread) and we will have to make more this week so Ida can have one to take home.
Our burritos and quiches will be available also,so come by and get your
breakfast and stroll the market.
Luke,Chris and Kathy

Red Ridge Farms

Ohmygoodness the cucumbers are going to pack us off in the middle of the night (cue spooky background music). I think there is a good children's book in this somehow- vines growing, flowers blooming, baby cucumbers peering from the vines, oh my here comes moby cucumber! Look out for the submarines! Well, you get the picture. Does anybody want to make pickles?

2.8" of rain in the rain gauge, so I can't promise I'll dig potatos this week- we'll see, but everything else should be fine ... tomatoes, SWEET CORN (taking volunteers for the all night shift in the corn patch- I understand that raccoons like to play cards in the moonlight), zucchini, yellow squash, hot peppers, sweet peppers, maybe a few more beets, the MICROGREENS look great (although they are outside, and haven't looked at them this morning after the FLOOD), a handful of onions, some yummy garlic, YES! We still have a few herb transplants (okay, okay, I'll bring a few thyme and oregano plants- lots of requests), oodles of cut herbs, a handful of flowers- more pentas, cut flower bouquets, including a few sunflower bouquets, and I think today is a hypertufa day, since it's too wet to get in the garden (other than to pick those pesky cucumbers)... stop by and see what we make!

KC Center for Urban Agriculture’s Community Farm…

We gotta thank you all for coming to the market last week. It was the best yet of the season. We’re digging, pulling, twisting, cutting and snipping our way to another fine week of harvesting right over in KCK. The has rain helped. The sunshine always helps. Many hands in the field and at the washstand make light of the work.
If all goes well,
We'll bring nearly four hundred pounds of tomatoes. But still, get up early and get out to the market. The pretty ones won’t last. To go with your tomatoes, there’ll be plenty of basil and garlic. Maybe some tomatillos? Eggplant, sweet peppers and summer squash for grilling. The green beans are looking great. We’ll have filets and tri-colors. We’ll bring the cucumbers, if you promise not to laugh at them. Lots of potatoes. Lots of scallions, leeks and candy onions. Also lots beautiful beets, carrots and turnips. Of course, kale, Swiss chard, microgreens, arugula, purslane, Funky Fresh braising mix, salad mix with edible nasturtium blooms and who knows what else, mustard greens and lots of fresh herbs.
See you at the market!

Dear Wonderful Customers of Roaring River Bread, As lots of you know I am a

student this summer and am the property of Penn Valley. This week I have to
go to the hospital from 2-9 Mon-Fri. This will not give me any opportunity
to bake this weekend. I will be here the next weekend, when i had planned
on being off. Thank you all so much for understanding. There is just not
enough hours to go around this week. Your friend, Kim Tuccillo

And, now… a word from our sponsor:

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We need your help! We are putting together a committee to help market the market! Since we are primarily a volunteer-run organization, little staff hours are available to support marketing efforts. Please, let us know if you have a little time to devote to promoting local organic farms and the Farmers’ Community Market at Brookside.

And, remember to look us up on Twitter and Facebook and to recommend us to your friends!

As always…

Buy Organic, Buy Local, By Brookside
At 63rd and Wornall in the heart of Brookside
Saturdays, through October, from 8 to 1pm

Saturdays, 8am to 1pm
under the white tents at theBorder Star Montessori School
63rd & Wornall, Kansas City, MO 64113

The Farmers' Community Market at Brookside is Dedicated to Creating a Unique Partnership between the Community and Farmers who provide High Quality, Local and Organic Products in an atmosphere that is mutually beneficial, wholesome and fun.The Market also helps to support the Border Star PTA.

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Thank you for your continued support!

Pam Bramlett – Market Manager
Farmers’ Community Market at Brookside
Phone 913-217-8535
Buy Organic, Buy Local, By Brookside

KC Organics at Minor Park - Saturdays, just East of Red Bridge Rd & Holmes (KCMO)

Farmers Market - KC Organics
(Minor Park - KCMO)

Saturdays 8am – 12:30pm
(Timezone: Central Time)

E 110th St & Red Bridge Road, Kansas City, MO (

KC Organics and Natural Farmers Market
“The Farmer’s Market in a Park”
Open Saturdays May 2nd through October 17th
8:00 am to 12:30 pm, in Minor Park
Go 1 mile South of I-435 on Holmes,then east on Red Bridge Road

  • fresh-picked, locally grown organic produce
  • also honey, edible flowers, herbs, mushrooms
  • breads and baked goods, grains, sauces
  • Free-Trade coffee and Eco-products
  • free-range eggs and some meats
  • soaps, body care products
  • natural stoneware jewelry

A Unique Market Experience in all the Best Ways

On the Grass, Under the Trees, in Beautiful Minor Park―with hikeable trails, lots of acreage, and the Little Blue River

Troost Community Farmers' Market - Saturdays at Linwood & Troost

Troost Community Farmers' Market

Dear Loyal Customers:
Of course, we will have wonderfully fragrant herbs this weekend
luscious peppermint lemonade
bodacious buffalo meat bratwurst, cooked to perfection by the one and only Robert Taylor.
What else?
CARROTS! both white and orange varieties, straight and baroque. You should try the white ones. They have a bit more earthy flavor---very interesting. The baroque ones make great, edible table centerpieces. (Think dancing people.)
(Trumpet, please)
THE 2010
So, come get wonderfully fragrant Missouri peaches; Small but oh so tasty AND only $1.50/4. (Costco can't beat that price and theirs aren’t even organic!)
See ya Saturday 8-noon at Linwood & Troost (westside parking lot of Habitat Restore.)

The Troost Community Farmers' Market

8:30 a.m. - noon

At the corner of
Linwood and Troost
Kansas City, MO

Claudia Sue Toomim
Program Developer

Troost Community Farmers' Market