UPDATE from BROOKSIDE - Farmers' Community Market at Brookside...

We will miss our beloved Laura this Saturday because of refrigerator malfunctions at Blue Door Farm. We hope she enjoys her much-needed time off. We love you, Laura!

Also, here is some great info from our new vendor Nutressant:

WOW.....we are so happy to be in the midst of so many knowledgable people who understand not only the affects of chemicals on our food supply but also on the products we put on our skin. It's always interesting to see what products attracts the most attention, but at this market, it's pretty much the same across our table. Except for the soap, as most people have already found a favorite, there are a lot of bathrooms full of organic products that don't work (deodorant) or just plain taste bad (toothpaste) as many people are telling us.

This week John will have some smaller deodorant sticks for those who are reluctant to spend a lot of money on ONE MORE!

Also, as this is a new product line, we have smaller quantities of most everything.........."let's try it first". i.e. shampoo, toothpaste, soap sticks, deodorant, body butter (both tubes and 4 oz jars)

And how very much I appreciate everyone who comes out on these really hot Saturdays.......thank you!