Funky Friday Farmers Market at BADSEED - A MUST ON FRIDAYS IN THE CROSSROADS - Nov 12, 2010

Precious Eaters and Conscious Consumers -

This is Farmer Brooke and I am proud to present you with this week's myriad of mouth-watering morsels found only at the BADSEED Farmers Market every Friday night from 4-9 PM. Before I delve into the home-grown goodness, let's fast forward a bit and talk TURKEY DAY!!

As always BADSEED will be hosting it's annual Pre-Thanksgiving Day Farmers Market on Friday, November 19th, from 4-9 PM. Eat Local for your Holiday Feast!!! If you pick just one meal a year to support your local farms, Thanksgiving dinner should be it. There is no better time to celebrate the locally grown bounty amongst friends and family. This is BADSEED's biggest market of the year and the harvest will undoubtedly be spilling over with the most magnificent "earthly delights" this side of the Mississippi featuring Grass-Finished Beef & Lamb, All-Natural Pork, Free-Range Eggs, Artisan Sheep's Milk Cheese, Gourmet Mushrooms, Rustic Breads, Wholesome Baked Goods, Hearty Root Vegetables, Mean Greens, Heirloom Winter Squash, Sweet Potatoes, Jams & Jellies, Canned Goods, Local Nuts, Freshly-Milled Flour, & More!!! Spread the word far and wide. The farmers thank you in advance!!!

As for the inevitable TURKEY......many of you have been asking me where you can get one locally and sustainably raised. Well folks, to be honest there are not a whole lot of options. Turkeys are very difficult to raise on pasture, and most holistic farmers are unable to raise them in large numbers. The practices used on factory farms (for turkeys and poultry in particular) are incredibly unethical, inhumane, and downright cruel. If you cannot find a "happy bird" from a "happy farmer" you may want to consider some "fleshy" alternatives like grass-finished beef, lamb, or all-natural pork from Parker Farms. However, if you must stick to the "turkey tradition" perhaps these fine folks can help you out:

Pastured "Broad Breasted White" TURKEYS (and Chicken)
*no antibiotics or growth hormones
(supplemented with grain to "fatten up" for your holiday feast)
*Fresh or Frozen, 12-20 lbs, $7.50/lb
*Sustainably Produced & Processed by the Benedict Builders in Knob Noster, MO
*Call Laura or Calvin no later than November 16th to place an order
*Pick-Up at the Troostwood Market on Nov. 20th

Recipe of the Week:
As the season changes and the air gets crisper, our bodies demand plenty of rich, nutrient packed foods that will keep us healthy all winter long. I personally begin to crave heart-warming and soulful dishes like creamy soups and hearty stews. The lovely Emily Akins (one of Kansas Cities finest "local foodies" and the manager of the BADSEED facebook page) has a wonderful recipe on her blog for:
Check it out!! All these ingredients are deliciously in season and will be in abundance this Friday!

This Week's Organic Offerings:

BADSEED Farm, Brooke Salvaggio & Daniel Heryer (South KC)
*Japanese Sweet Potatoes!!! (pink-skinned,white-fleshed, taste like roasted marshmallow!!)
*Beauregard Sweet Potatoes (orange-fleshed, very sweet)
*SEX IN A BOWL Signature Salad Mix!! (with chocolate mint, dill, cilantro, and fresh chives!!)
*Sexy Saute Mix!!!! (a gourmet mix of sexy cooking greens with hints of garlic chives and aromatic herbs)
*Giant Southern MUSTARD GREENS (spicy, tender, and oooh sooo good)
*Arugula!! (peppery and perfect)
*King Kale
*LEEKS!!! (the only thing better than an onion...)
*Gourmet Oasis TURNIPS!! (eat em' raw like an apple)

Herb"N"Gardener, Lew Edmister (Westside, KCMO)
From the Lips of Lew:
"have you ever made green tomato relish? now's definitely time to do it. the heirloom vines are gone and i'm picking up lots of big greenies. they also make unbelieveable fried green 'maters. speaking of greens, i'll have probably the last of my asian mustard greens this week, and a final cutting of mixed arugula. this will be my last shot of smoked peppers - i have to save some for me. i'll have some bunches of fresh garlic and fresh sage. i've only got a few winterized rosemary plants left and some bunches of kale."

Bigg Blue Farm, Stan & Carmen Biggs (Mosby, MO)
*Heirloom Winter Squash !!!!
(including Butternut, Acorn, Carnival, Spaghetti and the totally amazing BLUE HUBBARD!!!)
*Purple Top Turnips!! (first of the Fall)
*Candy Onions
*French Breakfast Radishes and Cherry Belle Radishes
*Mean Greens in Oriental Mix, Tendergreen Mustards, Siberian Baby Kale, Tatsoi, and Arugula

KC Community Farm (at the Kansas City Center For Urban Agriculture)
Alicia Ellingsworth & Crew (KCK)
*Hakurei Turnips
*Salad Mix
*Fresh Herbs
*Broccoli Raab
*Chinese Broccoli

Blue Door Farm,
Laura Christensen (
*Gourmet Turnips
*Mustard Greens
*Salad Mix
*Asian Greens
*Bok Choi
*Dandelion Greens

PJ's Mushroom Farm
, Paul & Judy Miller (Warrensburg, MO)
*Shitake Mushrooms!!
*Oyster Mushrooms!!
*Farm-Fresh Brown Eggs
*Hand-made rugs & stained glass items (from 100% recycled materials)

Western Hills Produce, Alice & Marvin Huenefeld (Wellington, MO)
*Farm-Fresh Brown EGGS
Lettuce and Assorted Produce
*Jams and Jellies from homegrown fruit
*Baked goods from homegrown, hand-milled wheat including:
-moist breads
-pumpkin pies!!
-chocolate zucchini and pumpkin loaves
-banana bread
-cookies & a whole lot more
**hand turned wood carved items by Marvin!!

Parker Farms, Tom and Paula Parker (Richmond, MO)
*A variety of 100% grass-fed beef and all natural pork including:
*Pork Brats
*Pre-cooked Chipotle Brats (with cheese and cranberries)
*Pre-cooked Franks (both hot and mild)
*Spare Ribs
*Rib Steaks & Ribeyes
*Ground Beef and patties for the grill!!
***Delicious LAMB CUTS!!!!
**Homemade soy based candles and gourd birdhouses (compliments of their lovely girls who grew the gourds on the farm!!) as well as embroidered Tea Towels and homegrown Teas in orange, chocolate, lemon balm, spearmint, and peppermint!!!! Samples available.
**Hedge Apples for Pest Control!!

Wells Family Farms, Kim & Steve Wells (King City, MO)
*Certified Organic Grass-fed Beef in steaks, roasts, ground, and special cuts
*Natural Bug Repellant
*Diatomaceous Earth

Green Dirt Farm, Jacqueline Smith & Sarah Hoffman (Weston, MO)
*ARTISAN SHEEP'S MILK CHEESE in Aged Varieties including Wooly Rind, Bossa, Dirt Lover, & Prairie Tomme as well as fresh spreadable varieties in Rosemary,Nettle, Lovage, Confetti, and Firecracker!!!!
*Grass-finished Lamb Cuts

Bread Of Life Bakery, The Crowther Family (Stewartsville, MO)
*sandwich breads
*savory breads
*sweet breads
*specialty treats (vegan as well)
**ALL MADE FROM 100% Locally Grown, Organic Wheat!!!!
***Gluten-Free Breads and treats from the "Sweet Sisters" new line of baked goods!!!

Puddin' Head Coffee, Harry Lee, (Raytown, MO)
*Only the BEST fair-trade/organic/micro-roasted coffee in town!!
Get yourself some beans or grab yourself a mug.
Other goodies include:

Certified Organic Flour from Heartland Mill
Freshly ground & locally grown whole wheat flour, whole wheat pastry flour, unbleached all purpose white flour, malted all purpose flour for bread baking, & blue corn meal !!! A bakers dream.....

RAW HONEY!!!....YES!! Les Miller (our wicked honey man) will be a buzzin' this Friday with that godly golden nectar and bees wax to boot!

and, of course, Kombucha Mushroom Tea (Brooke's home brew)
Sip while you shop!

LIVE NUDE VEGETABLES!! and other organic delights...

Yours Truly,

- farmer and mistress of the BADSEED

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