ex post EXPO... ;D ~ JAMIE WAS HERE!

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Random Thoughts….by Jamie Milks

1. The first of two EAT LOCAL! & Organic Expo’s was TODAY in Independence, MO, and it was so awesome. People of KC listen up! If you did not go today then you need to check it out next weekend in Shawnee. If you did go today then you should probably go again next weekend in Shawnee. I’m really trying to not sound like a cheerleader, but it is like an All-Star Game for farmers in Kansas City so I can’t help it. Forget March Madness — this is far more exciting! The Parkers, Brooke and Dan from BADSEED/URBAVORE, ACME Grain, KCCUA, New Roots for Refugees, Green Dirt Farm, Hidden Hills Farms, Bear Creek Farm and so many more will be there that I’m unfortunately leaving out due to a run on sentence violation. They’re selling meat, eggs, fresh flour, transplants and on and on. That doesn’t even get into the workshops and speakers. GO KANSAS CITY!!!

KCMO - Grahovac's Army of Volunteers

Saturday, April 2, 2011 8:00 AM
Faith Lutheran Church - 530 Quindaro Kansas City KS
Who is going:
1 Volunteers
( 19 more spots left! )

We doing gardening work with low-income urban farmers who sell their produce at Farmer's Markets and use the rest of what they grow to feed their families.