Medicinal ROOTS Medicine-Making Workshop

Saturday, November 12 · 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Medicinal ROOTS Medicine-Making Workshop


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Hands-on medicine-making workshop at the Sanctuary. We will start out with a bit of field work, learning how to identify 3 different healing, nourishing plants: burdock, yellow dock, and dandelion. From there we will carefully dig our roots up and out from their earthen homes, shake the dirt off, and take them inside to the warmth of our homestead.

After a bit of warm ginger tea and discussion of the healing potentials and uses of each plant, we will process our roots into several different methods. We will make burdock and dandelion tinctures, dandelion vinegar, yellow dock syrup, and cut some for dried infusions.

Cost of class: $40/person, includes a hand out summarizing plant profiles and a fresh-made herbal goodie of your choice!
herbsfromtheburbs (a) yahoo . com
Space is limited, RSVP required.