Holiday Halldeckery @ BADSEED Farmers' Market - KCMO @ 4-8pm @ 19th & McGee - 20111223

Hoe Hoe Hoe... woops!... I mean Ho Ho Ho!!  

(I hope at least a few of you appreciate my ultra cheesy "farmer" humor)

All bad jokes aside, LET'S REJOICE cuz this Friday from 4-8 PM is BADSEED's annual

...and it is my freakin' FAVORITE market of the year.  


For starters, we will have a festive fiasco of local foods available - additional farmers and vendors bringing you the freshest & finest homegrown "vittles" for your Holiday Table.  Secondly, Farmer Brooke & Farmer Dan will graciously supply "holiday cheer" in the form of Irish Whiskey and whipped (local) cream.  Shoppers are encouraged to "spike" their Oddly Correct coffee and get a little tipsy with their favorite farmers!!  Last but certainly not least - We will have our FABULOUS FARM BASKET RAFFLE promptly at 6 PM.  (Mr. December will do the honors).  Come a bit early, grab a drink, and get your name in the running.  The winner will receive an overflowing basket of farm-fresh MADNESS featuring products from ALL our vendors including succulent free-range meats, artisan cheese, fresh baked bread,free-range eggs, organic produce, micro-roasted coffee, bath & body products, etc.  Once all the farmers throw their donations in the pot, I can hardly carry this GIANT basket of food that retails close to $100.00!!  How awesome is that??    

I know many of you have holiday-related commitments, other parties to go to, or family in town.  However, I URGE you to stop in just for a bit, invite your friends, and celebrate the Seasonal Bounty with the ones who have worked so very hard to coax it from the earth and bring it to your table.  The Food Revolution is all decked out and (believe me ) it tastes even better with a little whiskey in your gut!!  Cheers toHOMEGROWN FOOD & HAPPY HOLIDAY BELLIES.  See you Friday.

* Oh yeah! One more thing - Mr December wanted me to make sure and tell you that IF whiskey aint your thang - BYOP (bring your own poison) or bring a bottle of something sassy to share!  He also wanted me to tell you that this party is "PANTS OPTIONAL".  Woohoo!!!  (pics attached)



OOOH BOY!  We have so much good stuff this week: pure ingredients (straight from the dirt) and gourmet prepared foods that will make your Christmas dinner truly spectacular.  

*Parker Farms will have their usual cuts of grass-fed meats, but in addition they will have Holiday Hams, Beef Rib Roasts, & Leg of Lamb.  They will also have FREE-RANGE EGGS in good quantity (an unusual treat) from their pastured laying hens.  If anyone has a special request please let Paula know ahead of time by calling 816-470-3276 or email at

*Our Fabulous Baker, Chris, of New Traditionalist will be crafting a special holiday surprise for everyone to sink their teeth into!  He will also be bringing his famous Fig Loaves, Multigrain Bread, and a Christmas favorite: STOLEN!!  This German delight is usually a yeasty sweet thing that has a thick coat of powdered sugar, but he will forgo the "pow-pow" and give you something that truly celebrates the bread and nuts and berries.  I cannot wait!

*Avery's Produce of Hoyland Farm near Lawrence will be back with an impressive selection of heirloom/organic veggies including turnips, sweet potatoes, tons of GREEN GOODNESS, Shitake Mushrooms, and much much more.  JJ Farms will also be present with bok choy, spinach, and lacinato kale to boot!!  

*Hippie Chow will have their usual line-up of handcrafted, gourmet granola accompanied by a special holiday flavor: Gingersnap!!  Mini packs make great stocking stuffers!!

*Speaking of Stocking Stuffers - Nutressant will have their full line of 100% organic hand-made soaps and body products as well as toothpaste, deodorant, and detergent!!  

*As for hostess gifts, appetizers, and liquid elixirs -  
Green Dirt Farm will have fantastic French Farmstead Cheeses both fresh and aged to perfection.  Holiday specialties available.  Check out their website for contact info & details.  
Soda Vie will be back with sparkling, all-natural, micro-brewed Sodas and herbal refreshments.  Samples available!

Oddly Correct Coffee Roasters will have the finest fair-trade/organic micro-roasted coffee on the planet!  Many flavors and varieties to choose from.  Christmas will not be the same without this dark & decadent "after-dinner-jolt" (with pie!!).

*Be Whole Again Family Farm will be delivering Pre-Ordered & Pre-paid RAW MILK.  Contact Rachel for details. #801-400-2298    

....that's just the beginning!!  Keep reading for a full list of vendors and products!!!!!



So yes, I included this recipe last year BUT I had to do it again cuz the holidays just aren't the same without it.  Furthermore - I LIVE FOR HOMEMADE EGGNOG.  There is nothing else like it on earth!!!  You simply MUST try this.  

**I quadruple the recipe for large groups and I strongly advise using Parker Farms free-range eggs and PURE MILK from Be Whole Again Family Farm!!!  Heavenly...



A project of BADSEED - Brooke Salvaggio


Daniel Heryer
5500 Bennington Ave., Kansas City, MO 64129
Welcome to URBAVORE - an off-grid, diversified, urban farmstead in the heart of KCMO. Born in 2011, URBAVORE is working towards the creation of an  edible oasis  that brings organic growth, sustainable life, and creative solutions to a city neighborhood.  We grow an extensive variety of heirloom vegetables noted for their unique appearance and extraordinary flavor, as well as an array of culinary/medicinal herbs and edible flowers. URBAVORE is a non-certified, beyond organic operation dedicated to respecting both the health of the individual and the environment. It is our aim to build community and collective consciousness through the universal pleasure that comes from eating good food.

Small Potatoes Farm
John Wilhelm
Grandview, MO

John sustainably grows yummy veggies on his little slice of heaven in Grandview, MO.  During the Fall and Winter he tirelessly gathers BLACK WALNUTS and PECANS .  Look for him at BADSEED during the cooler months!
*Assorted Herbs

Herb'n Gardener
Lew Edmister
17th and Belleview, Kansas City, MO 64108
For the  meanest greens  in town, check out Lew's gourmet selection of urban-grown goodies.  He grows a mouthwatering array of  lettuces, spicy mustards, arugula, and gourmet salad mixes on KC s west side. Other tasty morsels include heirloom tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, okra, and filet beans.  New For 2011 -RUSTIC BREAD straight from Lew s hand-built wood-fired oven.  YUM!
From the Lips of Lew:
"i don't even know where to begin, but my intuition tells me not to begin with celebratory explectives.  so, crap, i guess i'll have to just make a modest pronouncement of the arrival, finally,of my much-ballied RUSTIC BREAD at market.
let me just say that in order to do this thing, you have to be young, (not) stupid (?), and strong in body &

mind to just not quit!  so (however you may interpret any of this) what i will bring friday will be earmarked first for those wonderful bread csa members who have exhibited more than the patience of Job while i've tried to pull of this grand experiment.  the bread you get for your faith will in no way return your patience and will to engage in a bit of craziness.
to use a cheesy sports metaphor, i've only gotten on first base - i'll have to keep hacking away for the homerun.
see you friday!!! "

JJ Farms
John & Judy Kaiahua
8531 E. 81st Terrace, Raytown, MO 64138
John has been growing organically since 1984!!  He plants, weeds, and harvests all his own crops on urban land that has been chemical free for over 20 years.  Produce includes a wide array of vegetable offerings as well as apples, peaches, and pears in season.  John is originally from the far off lands of Hawaii where he comes from a long line of pearl divers!!  Now he spends his days out of the ocean and in the dirt, growing righteous foods for the Kansas City community.  Lucky us!
*Bok Choy

Avery's Produce of Hoyland Farm
Avery Lominska
North of Lawrence
Street-musician turned farmer, Avery Lominska, will be carrying on his father's legacy with an UNBELIEVABLE selection of homegrown goodness.  
Avery's father, Bob Lominska, is a regular "rockstar" in the organic growing scene.  He's been plowing the way for over 30 years.  He's an encyclopedia of (dirt-filled) knowledge and an inspiration to his son who has boldly followed in his footsteps.  At 31 years old, Avery has been a full-time farmer for 7 years!  Take a bite out of a strong family tradition this Friday!!
*Shitake Mushrooms
*Sweet Potatoes
*Bok Choy & Tot Soi
*Swiss Chard
*Mustard Greens
*Nappa Cabbage

Western Hills Produce
Alice & Marvin Huenefeld
Wellington, MO


Alice is famous for her utterly delicious baked goods made from homegrown, hand-milled whole wheat flour.  Her tasty breads, cakes, cookies, and muffins are complimented by an assortment of jams, jellies, pickles, and relishes all made from ingredients sustainably grown on the farm.  Marvin adds his own touch with one of a kind wood-turned items handcrafted with the utmost care and creativity.  Products can be found during the regular growing season at the Westport Farmers' Market.  
*Farm Fresh Brown Eggs
*Wholesome Baked Breads
*Sweet Treats
*Canned Goods
*Wood-turned items by Marvin

Parker Farms All-Natural Meats
Tom & Paula Parker
Richmond, MO
"We produce all-natural gourmet beef, lamb, pork, poultry, and eggs.  All of our beef and lamb is 100% grassfed. They are never fed any grain, animal by products, antibiotics, or injected with growth hormones. We have been practicing Management Intensive Grazing since 1997. It is our goal to care for all of the livestock that we have been blessed with, in as natural and humane a manner as we can.  Our chickens for meat and eggs are also raised on pasture with green grass under their feet as much as the weather in this part of the world allows.  Our hogs are fed grain, but do live outdoors with dirt under their feet.  We do not use any petroleum based pesticides or fertilizers on our pastures. We believe that healthy people, and healthy animals start with healthy plants and a healthy, biologically active, soil community.  Our meats are available at the BADSEED Market or through our Community Supported Agriculture shares."
*Grass-fed BEEF in ground and assorted cuts
*Pork Products: Chops, Brats, Breakfast Sausage, Italian Sausage, & Spare Ribs
*Lamb Cuts: Ground Lamb, Shoulder Steaks, Rib Chop (butterfly cut, loin chops), Leg (bone in whole, shanks, lamb liver)
**Pastured Chickens !!!!
*Tea Towels, Hand-made Teas, Candles, and Gourd Bird Houses from the lovely Parker Girls!!

Green Dirt Farm
Jacqueline Smith & Sarah Hoffman
Weston, MO
"Life is too short to eat grocery store cheeses! Green Dirt Farm, LLC invites you to try our HANDCRAFTED ARTISANAL SHEEP CHEESES created with milk from our very own PASTURED ewes. You can be assured of a richness and depth of flavor unique to the rolling bluffs of Weston, MO. Also on the menu is 100% GRASS-FED LAMB which is of unsurpassed quality, tenderness, and flavor."
*Grass-Fed Lamb
*Artisan Sheep's Milk Cheese in aged and fresh varieties
(Perfect Hostess Gift or Holiday Appetizer!!)

Wells Family Farm
Kim & Steve Wells
King City, MO
Our Grass Fed Operation has proven time and again that quality, taste, and tenderness take a dedicated plan.  Not only the processing aging, but the types of feed our animals consume are of vital importance.  We inter seed our pastures and hay fields with additional varieties of grasses and legumes each year.  We also learn from our neighbors and contacts of many new veggies that are wonderful forage. learning all we can to create a superior product.
*Certified Organic Grass-fed Beef

Rocky Creek Valley Farms


Rayville, MO
Lizzy is an herbalist turned farmer who cultivates glorious acreage north of Richmond, MO.  Lizzy's diversified farmstead includes organic vegetable & herb production, free-range laying hens, and dairy goats.  Lizzy also offers classes in sustainable gardening and herbalism.
*Herbal Teas
*Healing Salves
*Herbal Tinctures
*Free-Range Eggs

New Traditionalist - Artisan Bread
Chris Glenn
Kansas City, MO
Chris produces old-world, rustic loaves from the finest locally-grown and milled flour on the market.   His breads are made from a sour-dough "starter", lovingly kneaded, and baked to perfection in a wood-fired oven.  Flour and water never tasted so good!    
*Sourdough Stollen
*Multigrain Loaves
*Fig Loaves
*Holiday Surprise!!

Miller's Honey
Les MIller
Independence, MO
Les Miller only produces the best damn RAW HONEY on the market.  No joke!!  He is an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to sustainable bee keeping and uses 100% natural and holistic methods for managing his hives which range from 60 to 100 at any given time.  His honey is sold in various quantities, and 1 gallon jugs are available on request!  Bees wax candles and other by-products are also available for purchase.
*Raw Honey
*Bees Wax Candles
**DISCLAIMER - We haven't seen Les in weeks!!  Where is that guy??  I cannot get a hold of him.  Cross your fingers that he shows up this Friday!!!

Hippie Chow Granola
Lexie Johnson
Suburban Kansas City
Small-scale producer of high-quality, high-character natural foods. Our gourmet granola is handcrafted in small-batches with 100% natural ingredients including organic Kansas oats and local wildflower honey. Peace. Love. Granola.
*Original Mix
*Cafe Blend
*Chai Spice
*Peanut Butter Banana
*Mocha Hazelnut

Oddly Correct Coffee Roasters
Kansas City, Missouri
"Serving the nano coffee needs of the believers in a nano consumer lifestyle"
*Micro-Roasted Coffee by the bag and by the cup



Mission, KS
John & Sandy's hand-crafted, organic body products are petroleum and chemical free and will not pollute the planet or irritate your skin!  Furthermore, they are luxurious and fragrant and oooh soooo wonderful.  They have the mother-load of offerings including tooth paste, dish soap, and detergent!!!...(not to mention your more typical health and beauty products).  Lather up and feel good!!!
*Bar Soaps, Body Scrubs, Facial Sprays, & a whole lot more!!!
*great stocking stuffers!!

Other goodies include:

Certified Organic Flour from Heartland Mill


LIVE  NUDE  VEGETABLES!! and other organic delights...

Eat Local for the Holidays!!


Yours Truly,
-farmer and MILK mistress of the BADSEED

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