Transition Kaw Valley - WORKSHOP - Sunday, March 11 @ 1pm (Linwood, KS)

Sunday, 11 March 2012, 1:00-5:00pm  -  donations accepted
Cosmic Beauty School, 1145 Pennsylvania St., Lawrence KS 66044
Prairie Lovesong Farm, 13080 230th St., Linwood KS 66052 
(just off K-32 between Kansas City and Lawrence)

Prairie Lovesong Farm and S.A.N.'s Transition Kaw Valley will collaborate on this workshop training.  Cold frames for growing of hardy vegetables in Winter or for starting plants in early Spring can be made of various materials.  They can be insulated wood frames with tempered glass tops, straw bales with old storm window tops, dug into a south-facing hill, or on the south side of a building.  Attendees will observe construction of several designs, and learn by hands-on involvement.  We apologize that there will no longer be extra glass available for purchase.  For more info, contact Dave at dave (a) lawrencesunherald .com

Eaters’ Bill of Rights

Eaters’ Bill of Rights

  • Eaters have a right to food.
  • Eaters have a right to safe food.
  • Eaters have a right to nutritious food.
  • Eaters have a right to food with country of origin labels.
  • Eaters have a right to food with labels for genetic modification.
  • Eaters have a right to know whether food has been genetically modified.
  • Eaters have a right to food produced without harming air, water or land.
  • Eaters have a right to food produced under socially just circumstances.
  • Eaters have a right to know the conditions of their food production:
    • Is the environment harmed?
    • Is the food safe?
    • Are the animals treated with dignity and respect?
    • Is the food produced on farms by family farmers?
    • Is the food produced by factories?
  • Are the farmers paid a just wage?
  • Do farm workers have safe and healthy working conditions?
  • Are production contracts fair or one-sided?
  • Are processing plant and warehouse workers paid just wages?
  • Are processing plant workers given reasonable work schedules?
  • Is the food produced locally or transported for thousands of miles?
  • Is the food system controlled by a few agribusiness cartels?
  • Eaters around the world have a right to a secure food system.
  • Eaters have a right to good food at a fair price.
Does that cover it? What would your list include? It might start, as the National Catholic Rural Life Conference did, with this: Eaters have a right to food. Did you know that 12 percent of U.S. households (35 million people) were classified as having “very low food security” in 2005 and that the food stamp program is our nation’s first line of defense against hunger, helping over 26 million low-income people put food on the table? It makes you think differently about that lunch you just ate.

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