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BADSEED's Funka-FIRST Friday FARMERS' MARKET at 1909 McGee (E. Crossroads, KCMO) 4p-9p

Die-Hard Locavores & Serious Eaters -

Happy 4th of July!!  I hope you are feasting upon sexy summer squashes grilled to perfection, heirloom tomato stacks with sheep's milk cheese, buttery sweet corn, basil-cucumber cocktails, and fresh peach sorbet!!  Mmmmmm....I LOVE SUMMER.

Unfortunately, we farmers don't get much of a break despite national holidays and all.  We keep our heads to the grindstone (picking, watering, weeding) so that you can keep your refrigerators full of fresh, local foods.  But hey, it aint that bad.  I'll feast when the sun goes down...(besides, I ate my share of heirloom tomatoes while harvesting this morning!!).  

Speaking of harvesting, it was quite an experience.  My urban farm lies east of Prospect, off of Blue Parkway, sandwiched between Swope Park and the stadiums.  Neighborhood fireworks have been in effect for several days now.  The endless blast of M80's sounds like gun shots and I cannot help but jump every time I hear them.  All the same, the tomatoes and cucumbers don't seem to mind and that's the important thing.  The real fun will start this evening when the neighborhood will literally light-up with household fireworks displays.  This localized pyromania will be complimented by various municipal displays that can be seen from the highest point on my farm.  It's pretty darn spectacular!!  Farmer Dan, Percy, and I will lay out a big blanket in the middle of the field and feast upon garden morsels and homemade wine as the city explodes around us.  

Well, enough about FIRE - let's talk FRUIT!! ...

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Troostwood Youth Garden Market - Friday evenings, Saturday mornings at 52nd & Paseo, KCMO

at the North-East corner of 52nd & Paseo, KCMO
(Paseo Blvd & E 52nd St,
Kansas City, MO 64110)


Friday nights 3:00pm-8:00pm
Saturdays 9:00am - 3:00pm

... through October 2012

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