BRrrrr.... Kansas City locavores can still find local organic, natural and free range food at a few Winter Farmers Markets

Some die-hard market organizers have taken on the bitter KC winter, providing healthy meat, dairy, garden produce and other food products supplied by local organic, natural and free range growers. They hope to supply locavores (local food eaters) until the spring thaws allow the regular farmers markets to open again.

Many products are limited in quantity, so phone ahead to verify supply...

Grand Court Retirement Center Winter Market
Saturdays - 10:00am until 1:00pm
indoor/outdoor, in the courtyard and lobby

Items will include organic meat, milk, bread, produce, honey, soap, sauces, and jellies from local vendors:

  • ShroomHeads Organic Farm - Mushrooms, produce, canned goods

  • Bread of Life Bakery - Bread, pies, jellies, and jams

  • Ambrose BeePharm - Honey

  • Pearly Gates Soapery - Soap and lotions

  • Cassie - jewelry

  • Back 40 Farm - Goat, lamb, pig, chicken, beef, and eggs

  • Doug and Milo - Goats milk, cow milk, butter, keifer, and eggs

  • KCOrganics - fair trade coffee

Grand Court Retirement Center is located south of I-435 on the West side of Wornall Road, 501 West 107th Street. (KCMO)

Managed by:
ShroomHeads - Tena Bellovich
tena (@)
Ph. 816 966 9446

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Wells Family Farms has organized a split-venue Winter Market, Saturdays until the regular markets open...

  • 11:00am to 12 noon (short, but sweet)
    at 39th Street Community Market
    (39th Street and Genesee, KCMO)

  • 12:30pm-ish to 4:00pm
    at Farmers Community Market at Brookside
    (Montessori School - 6321 Wornall Road - KCMO)
Our market will run through spring and the beginning of the regular farmers markets. Stay tuned for exact dates. We'll all try to be out for each and every Saturday market day, and we will be happy to keep you updated if you will send us your email.
Kim (@)

Some of the vendors only go to the a.m., others only the p.m. market - we'll update this info regularly, but you should phone particular vendors if you want something in particular.
Here is a list of those we have participating now (not all vendors will have products available every market day, so (again) do phone ahead if you are looking for something specific. We'll post more farm/vendor names and more details, soon...):

  • Alice H. (Ph. 816-934-2549), 39th Street only, is a wonderful baker and does many things on request. If you want a special pie, cookies or cakes, just give her a call during the week, and she'll bake it to order. She also makes delicious jams and jellies.

  • Rick H. (Beau Solais) 39th Street only, will have Oyster Mushrooms and micro greens for sale whenever they are available. He is starting a new batch these days so will hopefully have some available soon.

Selling at both markets are:

  • Rachel - maker of fine jewelry of Jade and Agate - and beautiful aprons made from recycled materials. They are lovely and useful!

  • Barbara & Eddie Scott of Monegaw Garden Natural Soap will be on hand with their awesome soaps.

  • Kathy & Family - Bread of Life Organic Bakery - wonderful breads, cinnamon rolls, pizza crust, granola along with other goodies. Again if you want something special just let us know, and we'll bring it to the market! Telephone: 816-669-1344 Fax: 816-669-1345

  • Brooke Salvaggio - Bad Seed Farm, has fall veggies, fun & unique bags for carrying your purchases, and other useful items.

  • Sherri Harvel - Root Deep Urban Farm - Fall veggies as available.

  • Kim & Steve Wells - Wells Family Farms - Certified Organic Grass Fed Beef, by the pound or by the side! Cryovac shrink wrapped so you can see what you are getting. Many useful farm items available - compost from horse leavings, berry plants and berries this next spring. A variety of trees are available, help dig your own or we will.

  • TARA - The Animal Rescue Alliance - Alice and her group have made a wonderful impact on the community with their efforts. Be a doner, a foster home or adopt a pet! Many fine gifts also available. The rescue efforts of these folks has been wonderful - donations are always helpful.

  • Jim & Mary Wood - Wood Mood Farm - Depending on timing (mine, Kim) there are times I am able to pick up EGGS from them. Order eggs ahead of time, only.

We are all very excited about being able to bring what we can to the winter market. We will give you more info on this as we arrange it. Thank you for any help in passing the word.

We have begun building a Wells Family Farm CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. If you join you will receive 15% off all your future beef purchases with Well Family Farms. The $30 membership fee is used completely to promote the markets and sustainable farming.

Steve & Kim Wells
Wells Family Farms
4009 State Hwy UU
King City, MO 64463
info (@)



Most of the growers listed above are KC Food Circle members - many of them will participate in KCFC's EAT LOCAL! Exhibition of Farmers (March 29th and April 5th) and/or they will be selling their products all season at one (or more) of KCFC's featured (organic, natural and free range) Farmers Markets found in the Greater Kansas City area.

If you know of other qualified growers who might benefit from membership in the Kansas City Food Circle (or one of our featured markets), please let us know. We'll do all we can to help them succeed.

Dave Lawrence - WebMinion@KCFoodCircle.ORG