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If you are interested in any of these areas of food ... please consider writing for us, either as an editor, a regular staff writer or a freelance journalist. At the moment, there is no pay associated, but you'll get your name out there, and once we get sponsorship, there will be the possibility for compensation.

The area descriptions are:
  • arm/sust. ag issues
  • nutrition (e.g. real butter vs. margarine)
  • food safety issues (e.g. GMOs or BPA in canned food)
  • food politics and policy
  • recipes and real food preparation (e.g. how to make sauerkraut or butter)
  • nation-wide realfood restaurant and food biz reviews, etc.
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The Sustainable Food Movement Needs To Tell Stories


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Well I think there is a light at the end of this national food nightmare that we are currently experiencing. I see a very bright future for America and, as those of us in the movement know, it all starts each and every day, with the food we eat. For me, this is the departure point for the stories we need to tell. We need to connect that daily, rather quotidian act of eating, into a series of sacred moments where the people, places and stories of the sustainable food movement are elevated into something almost religious.We need to tell more stories. And we need to do a better job of telling the stories that we currently have. As our culture and society continues to undergo a great value reset, brought on by a mixture of the end of the Bush administrations’ problematic legacy, the election of Barack Obama, and the Great Recession, American’s are looking to be comforted. We all want to be reassured that things are going to be OK, that there is hope and light at the end of this tunnel.

So Where Are The Stories To Be Found?

They are all around us, but we’ve got to do the digging. Liza de Guia is carving out a wonderful career for herself chronicling all manner of sustainable food stories, just in New York City alone. Liza is one of our most gifted storytellers, and I, for one, would love Liza to help the rest of us find the ability to discover, research and tell those stories...

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