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IT IS COLD (yes, we know) - you signed up for some of that when you decided to live near Kansas City.

IT IS COLD (yes, we said that...) - still in the depths of winter, yet there are many things to do nearby or from the relative comfort of home.


## TODAY - Sunday, Jan 10th

Sustainability Sunday:
Volunteer Value Exchange at The Pistol

Sunday, January 10, 2010
3:00pm - 8:00pm
1219 Union Ave, in the bottoms- Look for the giant pistol


All right kids, this is it in many ways. We've worked towards building a community here. We've had dinners and fun, we've worked charity events and gotten to know a bit about each other, this is where some of the practicalities come into play.

Please join me at the Pistol Social Club for a series of workshops based on Voluntary Value Exchange from our wonderful community members, both new and old alike. And then have some hearty vegan vegetable stew.

Workshops start at 3:30pm - they are as follows:

* Laura Poe offering information on nutritional eating and living
* Kevin Decker on brewing Kombucha

* Megan Grimwood on starting raised beds and community gardening
* Dave Lawrence on local food systems and the practical methods of community gardening

* Katie Coble and Janay Andrews on stitching holes in clothes
* REMEMBER... bring your clothes that have holes and we WILL patch them

7:00-Dinner Stew, warm bread and cake for dessert.

Sadly, unless I find work RIGHT NOW, this MAY be the last SS Event until I can get back on my feet. It has been an honor and a privilege getting to know and work with all of you - Thank you from the very bottom of my heart. Come bring your friends, and have a great time, learn some things or just enjoy the company of peeps interested in bettering the world around them, Dane.

1219 Union Ave.
West Bottoms
Kansas City
MO, 64101

Donations are obviously accepted - if I can get enough I'll keep it going another week... we'll just play it by ear- thanks again.




1SKY - 1/12: Show the U.S. Senate that public support exists to pass climate legislation for green jobs, the climate, and our future. Flood Senate Office Phones -- a 3-hour call-in event - - 9am-12pm, Jan 12th:
Jan 16th (Saturday) 1:30-3:30pm --
How to Eat Local
in Kansas City -- Olathe, KS (see our public Google calendar for details)

1SKY - 1/23-25: Call Congress and tell them to green the economic recovery -- another call-in effiort - - starts Jan 23rd:

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