Dearest Eaters & Food Revolutionists -

Long time no see!! I miss your growling bellies and voracious appetites. Speaking of bellies, my pregnant farmer belly is getting HUGE!! I look like Humpty Dumpty waddling around my 13.5 acre urban paradise as I madly seed spring crops and try not keel over with exhaustion....

Life has been totally NUTS to say the least and I thought I better sneak in a quick "spring up-date" before I get swallowed up by my dirt-crazed, 71/2 month pregnant, agrarian madness!!!!

Before the madness unfolds, be sure to mark your calendars for these up-coming openings and events......(and if you really miss me, come see me this Saturday or next at the Local Farmer's Expo). Details are as follows.

Up-coming GREEN Events:

1) 13th Annual Exhibition of Farmers - EAT LOCAL & ORGANIC!!
March 26th in Independence, MO
April 2nd in Shawnee, KS
(get your hands on organic transplants for the garden and farm-fresh foods including meats, eggs, early spring produce, and more!!!!)
Go to for directions and details!!

2) Organic Transplant Sale at BADSEED, Friday, April 15th, 4-9 PM
"Join your favorite gang of farmers and go wild over heirloom tomatoes,
eggplant, peppers, herbs, flowers, and more for your glorious homestead garden!!"

3) BADSEED Farmers' Market Season Opening, Friday, May 6th, 4-9 PM
"....yay for Spring! Feast upon the first "fruits" of the season. Our usual gang of
growers will tantalize your tastebuds with the freshest flavors in town. Expect new
vendors and a whole host of local/organic goodies!!! live music and festivities!"

4) URBAVORE Urban Farm - Weekly FARMSTAND Grand Opening!!!
Saturday, June 4th, 2-6 PM
(the farmstand will be open every Saturday through October)
Come and visit our 13 acre urban farmstead in it's very first season of production and experience first-hand where your food is grown!! Enjoy a wide array of delicious, seasonal vegetables and fruits grown organically and with love in the Kansas City dirt...

5) City-Wide Residential Composting Program - Grand Opening
Saturday, June 4th, 2-6 PM
Drop-Off Hours: Wednesday thru Saturday, 9-6 PM (starting June 4)
*Sponsored by BADSEED, the MARC Solid Waste Management District, and the MO Dept. of Natural Resources
(That's right folks! It is a double whammy with our farmstand opening!)

News from URBAVORE - KC's wildest URBAN FARM :

ur-ba-vore [ûr'bə-vôr] noun
(1) any animal that consumes urban-grown foods.
(2) an organism that feeds from the energy, surplus, and/or waste of a city.

Pastoral beauty fuses with urban decay as Farmer Dan and I cultivate life on our new 13 acre land just off of Blue Parkway on KC's east side. Goats and chickens sing and dance along with the constant hum of the industrial truck yard next door. Occasionally golden silence and the gentleness of nature purify the air, and it is only a glimpse of the downtown skyline that jolts me back into reality. I throw down my hoe and think to myself...."oh yeah, I'm in the freakin' city!". In those moments I cannot help but fantasize about cities across the nation filled with backyard farms, gardens, honey bees, baby doll sheep, dairy goats, ducks, chickens, glorious fruit trees, and heavenly FOOD!!

As the endless days of March drone on the farm tasks seem to take over every orpheus of my being. Somedays, as I glide my eyes over fields of progress, I feel like superwoman!! Other days, I use my hoe as a cane as I stumble like a beaten-down mule over my "wannabe" farmstead. At over 7 months pregnant I went from cultivating 1 and 1/2 acres of land on the former BADSEED Farm to managing over 13 acres of RAW land transitioning into intensive vegetable production, orchard grounds, vineyard, rotational pasture for animals, and off-grid infrastructure. Are we f%$#ing nuts.....why yes we are!!!

Needless to say, I take it one day at a time. The unplanned phenomenon growing in my belly sleeps soundly as I work, and only when I lay down to sleep does the baby madly begin to kick and punch and dance and jive. Despite our night-time fiestas, we are a team (this baby and me) and baby understands that if momma doesn't sow seeds now, momma cannot pay bills later......(and that means momma and baby don't eat!). So, it's pretty straight forward in this family. We sink or swim. Dad has been as supportive as any Dad can be......but pulling mom out of the field after 12 or so hours is hopeless if there is still planting to be done! This pregnant farmer has a mind of her own!!

Anyway, it's not so bad. We are overwhelmed and overworked, yes, BUT on top of our priorities thanks to my AWESOME field crew of 4 hardworking individuals. Calvin, Mark, Rachel, and Kim bust their booties for me 4 days a week and I LOVE them more than I can begin to express. This is my very first successful experience with farm apprentices!! In past years it has been a joke. Every young, hip, idealistic kid thinks they want to grow up and be an organic farmer, right???......WRONG! As soon as the work begins that fantasy is loooong gone. But not this year. My crew is smart, dedicated, reliable, compassionate, and responsible. Without them, this baby and this farm would surely have killed me. Oh but's only March 24th!!...(I guess there is still plenty of time to bite the bullet).

Okay, okay....enough rambling! What the heck have we gotten done, you're wondering?? Well, we've laid out nearly two acres in "no-till" veggie production and seeded beets, turnips, salad mix, asian greens, fava beans, peas, and the list goes on!! We've transplanted cabbage, onions, leeks, lettuce heads, and tomorrow goes in the broccoli. Dan pruned the entire apple & pear orchard that was planted last Fall and staked out the placement for the stone fruits that arrive this Monday.....(peaches, cherries, and plums). We've completed all the perimeter fencing and almost completed the pasture fencing that serves as rotational grazing plots for our chickens, goats, and future ducks & geese that arrive in mid April! The pond is slowly filling up and by the time those ducks go out on pasture, they will be able to swim about!!

Oh lord!!!.....there is so much more, but I will restrain myself from elaborating. The last thing I will mention is the barn...THE BIG BAD BARN. As you know, Dan and I purchased an antique barn from the 20's in St. Joseph, MO for next to nothing. For the past couple months Dan has been tearing it down board by board to be re-built on our land. It is only the CRAZIEST DAMN project we have ever gotten ourselves into. Poor Dan!! Since I got "knocked up" I haven't been able to crawl around and rip off roofing and giant laterals 40 (+) feet in the air SO Dan has been at it ALONE with the occasional help of some farmers and friends. This "bitch" was supposed to be down well before spring planting arrived, but "the best-laid plans of mice and men....." (you know the rest). Story of our lives.

Well folks, that's just the farm stuff. I don't have the strength to go into the insanity surrounding BADSEED, the market, the Composting Program, and everything else we have gotten our sorry selves into!! It's all GOOD STUFF.....I just wish someone else had to make it all come to fruition, not me. Come June, "superwoman" will have to retire and "supermom" will have to take over. I plan to "do it all" but at the end of the day it is my baby that I responsible for and the kale and chard will simply have to suffer! I will be giving birth naturally at home, with Dan, and my midwife. Keep us in your thoughts. I need all the positive energy I can get.

Much love and thanks to all of you. Your support of Crazy Radical Farmers & Righteous Local Food makes BADSEED possible. We love you.

Remember - you are what you eat......(and I look forward to feeding you in 2011).

Yours Truly,

- farmer and mistress of the BADSEED

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Hands-On Mulch Workshop - KCK - Saturday at 2pm

Food Not Lawns KC

March 26th, 2011
~@~ 2:00p– 4:00p

Hands-On Mulch Workshop

Turner House Community (KCK)
No Till Demonstration Garden

(YOU, TOO, CAN LEARN BY DOING) Sheet mulch a new community garden at:

Rethink Energy
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