BADSEED Funky FIRST Friday Farmers' Market - LIVE MUSIC ALL MONTH!! 4pm-8pm FRIDAYS in the Crossroads (KCMO)

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Howdy Folks -

Boy oh Boy! This Friday is "first Friday" in the ol' Crossroads. That means extra fun & games at the BADSEED including LIVE MUSIC by some mighty fine (free-range) musicians. Kerry Stanley and friends will be serenading you as you shop with some folk-y tunes from the heartland. Take note - WE NOW HAVE PARKING IN BACK! No more driving around searching for spots. Pull into the alley just east of McGee. Our parking lot is directly behind the building.

Much like last week, winter veggie
s will be in full effect. I gotta say - I've never seen so much stuff so late in the year!! It's green madness!!! To be honest, it's a little frightening. As much as I love this warm weather and extended harvest, I really doubt it's worth an ecological disaster. I am referring to the drought of course. We are headed into our third year of this rain-less reality and it doesn't bode well for next season. Me and my fellow farmers are scared...really scared. But hey, I won't continue to be a downer. I just feel a responsibility to keep my righteous eaters informed!! In conclusion - take advantage of this AWESOME assortment of delectable produce and with every bite do a little rain dance to wash it down!!

Special products this week include local-organic CHRISTMAS TREES from Blue Door Farm!!!! Here's the scoop: these trees are Red Cedars from Laura's acreage in KCK. They are oh so aromatic and oh so INVASIVE! They spread like a weed and are a disease vector for fruit trees!! The good news is this: they make excellent Christmas Trees for all you "green consumers" out there. By purchasing a Red Cedar you are improving the land and doing your ecological duty! Laura will have a few trees available this Friday and will also be taking pre-orders for next week. Check em' out!

Also - MARK YOUR CALENDARS. The BADSEED "Happy Holiday" Farmers' Market Fiesta will take place on Friday, December 21st. This is one hell of a market - full of festive local eats, up-cycled textiles & sustainable gift items, and holiday cheer. HIghlights include a fabulous "Farm Basket Raffle" ($90.00 value) and Irish Coffee on da house! Get tipsy with your favorite farmers...on us!

Well folks, I promised you "house details" in last week's e-mail so I'd better get to it. URBAVORE green home up-date as follows.

SEE YOU FRIDAY at the BADSEED Farmers' Market from 4-8 pm!!!!


URBAVORE Urban Farm Green Home Up-date!

As most of you know, Farmer Dan and I bought 13.5 acres of RAW land 2 season ago and began the arduous process of building an edible mecca smack in the middle of a city neighborhood. Like most naive 28 year olds, we had no idea what it meant to buy land with absolutely no infrastructure, no water, no fencing, no nothing. In a matter of months we were forced to turn this massive raw space into a commercial farm that could produce not only enough for us to keep the BADSEED going, but enough for us to build a farmstead, expand production, and create a sustainable life for ourselves. We have spent every waking second since the moment we purchased this land making our vision a reality. The term "daily grind" would be an understatement when referring to our day in/day out existence. It would be more accurate to call it the "daily blender" because our minds and bodies feel like they've been reduced to a pulp by the time the sun sets. But hey, hard work has results. To date (in only several seasons of production) URBAVORE has produced over one hundred thousand dollars worth of food! (It also produced a baby named Percy, but that was a pure accident!!).

The hardest part about building our farm has not been the realization of diverse plants & animals. That part comes naturally to us. The real kicker has been infrastructure. Building truly "green" infrastructure is incredibly challenging, insanely expensive, and in some cases just doesn't fly with city building codes! We have run into A LOT of problems in the process of figuring out our farmstead and making plans. Sustainability is the name of the game and we won't budge on that. No matter how difficult our "extreme environmentalism" has made things, we have stuck to our guns and FINALLY broken ground on our first infrastructural project - a passive solar, earth-bermed home.

The house design is the brainchild of local architects Charles Vega & Matt Teismann whose stunning vision took form with the help of Trevor Acorn, our dedicated structural engineer. The talents of many other individuals have contributed to the project. We've worked with a mechanical engineer, an environmental engineer, and a landscape architect. Now, here's the kicker: all these reputable individuals have given their time and energy for FREE! Why? Because they truly believe in sustainable urban living. Once completed, this house will serve as a model for others and the urban farmstead at large will change the way we conceptualize the urban landscape.

You might be wondering why all these highly professional people were necessary for such a small, relatively simple, earth sheltered home for a couple of dirty farmers! The answer to that can be summed up in two words: The City. Weaving through the endless bureaucracy was no small task. We have been in the tireless permitting process for months. I doubt very few people in cities across the nation have attempted to build an off-grid residence such as ours. Frankly, it's unheard of. The fact that we've managed to get a building permit at all is reason to celebrate!!

I have attached a slide presentation put together by our architects that presents the project in a truly poetic way. These slides were created for the "Monsters of Design" competition that took place several weeks back. We won "best unbuilt design"! Soon we hope to win "best built design". I guess that part is up to me and Dan who are undertaking the construction ourselves. Yikes! Good thing we have Percy to help out.

Thus far, the excavation has been completed and once the steel gets shipped we can begin the concrete work (weather permitting). We hope to have the shell complete with plumbing by the end of February, however, this may be a bit of a lofty goal. If building this farm for the last two years had taught us anything at all, it's that nothing works out as planned!!! For crying out loud we were supposed to break ground on the house this past August and practically be done with the shell by now (!!) but the permitting process dragged on and on and here we are, in December, wondering where the time went. But none of that is important. The important thing is that we are doing are very best every single day and that's all we can do. I'll keep you posted as things progress and if you don't hear from me it's cuz farmer Dan dropped a hammer on my head. Stay tuned.


Up-Coming Workshop:


Saturday, December 15th from 1-4ish
BADSEED, 1909 McGee, KCMO 64108

Hey foodies! Looking for a ridiculously delicious way to share the holidays with your loved ones? Learn how to make scrumptious soft cheeses using basic kitchen tools, a few inexpensive cultures and raw, local goat milk! Impress your guests with a fresh spread of chevre, feta, mozzarella and feta. We'll learn how to make them all in this info-packed, hands-on demo workshop!
Or spread the love of cheese by stuffing a stocking with a jar of marinating feta, or simply by giving the gift of knowledge-send or bring a friend along to class!
Includes a thorough packet full of recipes and class materials, AND a guaranteed good time (wine+gourmet cheese tasting & mingling during class!!!)

Contact Amy: 785-760-3052

Cost: $60/person (1/2 the cost of comparable cheesemaking classes!), or $100/couple




A project of BADSEED - Brooke Salvaggio & Daniel Heryer
5500 Bennington Ave., Kansas City, MO 64129
Welcome to URBAVORE - an off-grid, diversified, urban farmstead in the heart of KCMO. Born in 2011, URBAVORE is working towards the creation of an “edible oasis” that brings organic growth, sustainable life, and creative solutions to a city neighborhood. We grow an extensive variety of heirloom vegetables noted for their unique appearance and extraordinary flavor, as well as an array of culinary/medicinal herbs and edible flowers. URBAVORE is a non-certified, beyond organic operation dedicated to respecting both the health of the individual and the environment. It is our aim to build community and collective consciousness through the universal pleasure that comes from eating good food.

*Gold Ball (Buttery) Turnips
*Black Spanish Radishes!!

Herb'n Gardener

Lew Edmister
17th and Belleview, Kansas City, MO 64108
For the “meanest greens” in town, check out Lew's gourmet selection of urban-grown goodies. He grows a mouthwatering array of lettuces, spicy mustards, arugula, and gourmet salad mixes on KC’s west side. Other tasty morsels include heirloom tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, okra, and filet beans. New For 2012 - RUSTIC BREAD straight from Lew’s hand-built wood-fired oven. YUM!

OFFERINGS From the Lips of Lew:
"This year's productivity of green stuff from my jammed garden is about at an end - maybe one more week after this. but that's only as life should be. you work with what you have. enough cheap philosophy. here's what my ground is giving up this week. SWISS CHARD, KALES, ARUGULA and ARUGULA MIXES. SHITAKE MUSHROOMS, SHITAKE MUSHROOMS and then, SHITAKE MUSHROOMS. what a delicacy! and i'm not forgetting the output of my trusty clay oven. this weeks production is WHOLE WHEAT loaves and my combination mix laced with SCARBOROUGH FAIRE. for those of you who can't quite untangle that title, it's PARSLEY, SAGE, ROSEMARY AND THYME."

Rocky Creek Valley Farms

Elizabeth and Gary
Rayville, MO
Lizzy is an herbalist turned farmer who cultivates glorious acreage just north of Richmond, MO. Her diversified farmstead includes organic vegetable and herb production, free-range laying hens, and dairy goats. Lizzy also offers classes in sustainable gardening and herbalism.

*Seasonal Produce
*Flower Seeds
*Herbal Teas
*Herbal Soaps
*Healing Salves
*Herbal Tinctures
*Free-Range Eggs

Fair Share Farm

Rebecca Graff & Tom Ruggieri
Kearney, MO
Tom & Rebecca grow some of the most beautiful vegetables in all of the midwest! No joke. Their 5 acre organic production feeds 125 families during the regular growing season through their "Community Supported Agriculture" Program. During the late fall & winter (once their CSA has finished) they grace the BADSEED with an array of cool weather crops still thriving in their fields. Take advantage of their seasonal presence and get your hands on some green goodness this Friday!

*Head lettuce
*Broccoli Raab
*sweet potatoes
*gold ball turnips
*Asian Greens
*Cherry belle radish
*hakurei turnips

**Fair Share Farm Calendars available!!
The Perfect Stocking Stuffer...(local, useful art & information from a sustainable farm...what else could you ask for?)

Blue Door Farm

Laura Christensen
Kansas City, KS
Laura grows an absolutely stunning array of certified organic vegetables on her thriving urban farm in KCK. Her homegrown goods can be found at the Brookside Farmers Market every Saturday during the regular growing season & at the BADSEED Farmers' Market in the late Fall and early Winter. Yum....

Romaine and other head lettuce
Broccoli Raab
Sweet Potatoes
Napa Cabbage
"Regular" Cabbage
Dill and Cilantro

Avery's Produce of Hoyland Farm

Avery Lominska
North of Lawrence
Street-musician turned farmer, Avery Lominska, will be carrying on his father's legacy with an UNBELIEVABLE selection of homegrown goodness. Avery's father, Bob Lominska, is a regular "rockstar" in the organic growing scene. He's been plowing the way for over 30 years. He's an encyclopedia of (dirt-filled) knowledge and an inspiration to his son who has boldly followed in his footsteps. At 31 years old, Avery has been a full-time farmer for 7 years! Take a bite out of a strong family tradition this Friday!!

*3 Types of Sweet Potatoes!!
*Bok Choy
*Swiss Chard
*Green Onions
*Nappa Cabbage

Western Hills Produce

Alice & Marvin Huenefeld
Wellington, MO
Alice is famous for her utterly delicious baked goods made from homegrown, hand-milled whole wheat flour. Her tasty breads, cakes, cookies, and muffins are complimented by an assortment of jams, jellies, pickles, and relishes all made from ingredients sustainably grown on the farm. Marvin adds his own touch with one of a kind wood-turned items handcrafted with the utmost care and creativity. Products can be found during the regular growing season at the Westport Farmers' Market.

*Farm Fresh Brown Eggs
*Wholesome Baked Breads
*Sweet Treats
*Canned Goods
*Wood-turned items by Marvin

Parker Farms All-Natural Meats

Tom & Paula Parker
Richmond, MO
"We produce all-natural gourmet beef, lamb, pork, poultry, and eggs. All of our beef and lamb is 100% grassfed. They are never fed any grain, animal by products, antibiotics, or injected with growth hormones. We have been practicing Management Intensive Grazing since 1997. It is our goal to care for all of the livestock that we have been blessed with, in as natural and humane a manner as we can. Our chickens for meat and eggs are also raised on pasture with green grass under their feet as much as the weather in this part of the world allows. Our hogs are fed grain, but do live outdoors with dirt under their feet. We do not use any petroleum based pesticides or fertilizers on our pastures. We believe that healthy people, and healthy animals start with healthy plants and a healthy, biologically active, soil community. Our meats are available at the BADSEED Market or through our Community Supported Agriculture shares."

*Ground Beef & Patties, and many gourmet cuts
*Pork Products: Chops, Brats, Breakfast Sausage, Italian Sausage, & Spare Ribs
*Lamb Cuts: Ground Lamb, Shoulder Steaks, Rib Chop (butterfly cut, loin chops), Leg (bone in whole, shanks, lamb liver)
**Pastured Chickens !!!!
*Tea Towels, Hand-made Teas, Candles, and Gourd Bird Houses from the lovely Parker Girls

Miller's Honey

Les MIller
Independence, MO
Les Miller only produces the best damn RAW HONEY on the market. No joke!! He is an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to sustainable bee keeping and uses 100% natural and holistic methods for managing his hives which range from 60 to 100 at any given time. His honey is sold in various quantities, and 1 gallon jugs are available on request! Bees wax candles and other by-products are also available for purchase.
*Raw Honey
*Bees Wax Candles

Manos Chocolates
Zachary Manos
Kansas City, MO
Zachary handcrafts organic raw chocolate; ground from raw cacao, and coconut sugar, a low-glycemic sweetener. Using sprouted sunflower seeds, in place of milk, he crafts deceptively decadent "milk" and "white" chocolates and various treats.

Chocolate bars
Marzipan cookies
Assorted Confections
Sprouted Sunflower Butter

Nutressant - Bath & Body

John & Sandy
Mission, KS
John & Sandy's hand-crafted, organic body products are petroleum and chemical free and will not pollute the planet or irritate your skin! Furthermore, they are luxurious and fragrant and oooh soooo wonderful. They have the mother-load of offerings including tooth paste, dish soap, and detergent!!!...(not to mention your more typical health and beauty products). Lather up and feel good!!!

*Bath & Body Products
*Facial Products
*So much more…

Other Organic Offerings -

HEARTLAND MILL FLOUR (freshly milled, certified organic)


LIVE NUDE VEGETABLES (and other organic delights)
Every Friday at the BADSEED

Yours Truly,

(farmer and mistress of the BADSEED)

An Urban-Organic Farm & Market Celebrating Local Food Culture, and Community
1909 McGee*KCMO*64108

WE ARE SUPERMAN - *THIS* Friday, Saturday and SUNDAY at Screenland Crossroads (KCMO)


We Are Superman has its Kansas City premiere at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, December 7, 2012, at Screenland Crossroads with showings through Sunday, December 9.


In the heart of Kansas City, at the intersection of 31st and Troost, a select few work to transform a dividing line into a gathering place.

The documentary We Are Superman tells their story...