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October 23, 2009
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Karen Siebert

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Local group challenges the community to

Eat Local
for the Holidays

KANSAS CITY, Mo. —Sweet potatoes that traveled 800 miles from Georgia . Pecans that journeyed 1,700 miles from California . The ingredients for a holiday meal can really rack up the miles.

But a local group wants the community to know that many food items for your holiday meal can be found right here in Kansas City . They’re local, they’re tasty and they’re easier to find than you might think.

The Greater Kansas City Food Policy Coalition is encouraging Kansas Citians to Eat Local for the Holidays by asking them to pledge online to have at least one local food item as part of a holiday meal.

“We have farmers growing and raising some of the best quality food in the country right here in our region,” said Gretchen Kunkel, president of KC Healthy Kids and a member of the Food Policy Coalition. “We want people to be aware of the wonderful food resources we have in our community. Buying local is good for our economy, our environment and our health.”

According to Kunkel, foods that are picked ripe and spend less time in transit are generally more nutrient-dense, have more flavor and use fewer, if any, chemical preservatives.

People can pledge online to
Eat Local for the Holidays

by visiting
Those who take the pledge will be
entered in a drawing for local food prizes.

The Eat Local for the Holidays web site includes helpful information about what is in season in the Greater Kansas City area and where people can buy locally grown items. It also includes recipes using items that are available locally during the holidays, such as apples, herbs, pecans, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, cheese, eggs and poultry. For those who prefer to have someone else do their holiday cooking, the Web site also includes a list of area restaurants that specialize in local foods.

“The holidays are a perfect time to add another dimension to how we think about food because we are already making thoughtful food purchases,” Kunkel said. “By adding just one locally grown item to your holiday meal, you can begin to make a difference in the strength of our local food system.”

About the Greater Kansas City Food Policy Coalition

The Greater Kansas City Food Policy Coalition is a group of individuals, organizations, businesses and government representatives committed to ensuring that there is a healthy, sustainable and affordable food system for Greater Kansas City. The coalition promotes food policies that positively impact the nutritional, economic, social and environmental health of Greater Kansas City. More information is available at

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