20110708 ~ BADSEED Farmers' Market - Kansas City, Mo

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Fellow Foodies and Farm-Fresh Junkies -

THE HEAT IS ON.....and sizzling summer fruits are soon to follow. Turnips & leafy greens are on their way out and juicy heirloom tomatoes, voluptuous peppers, & orgasmic eggplant are on their way in. Tomatoes may take another week or more to really hit the market tables (due to a very cold spring), but other HOT HOT veggies will be in full effect this Friday. JJ Farms has a beautiful selection of freshly dug potatoes, Purple Beauty sweet peppers, Japanese eggplant, and gorgeous red onions plucked fresh from the dirt. Bigg Blue Farm is busting at the seams with sexy summer squash, cool cucumbers, and organic cabbages the size of Cleveland!! As for Lew of Herb"n"Gardener, he's still keepin' it real with your old time favorites like kale and swiss chard not to mention the coveted French Filet Bean! At URBAVORE, Farmer Brooke & Farmer Dan will have their usual "green" madness, an uncanny selection of Bodacious BEETS as well as some new additions - freshly pulled GARLIC (melts in your mouth) and luscious King Richard LEEKS! If LIVE NUDE VEGETABLES aren't your thang.....stuff your face with free-range eggs, grass-fed beef & lamb, all natural pork, RAW honey, artisan sheep's milk cheese, rustic baked breads, micro-brewed herbal elixirs......and MORE. It all goes down this Friday from 4-9 PM at the BADSEED Funky Farmers' Market.

*(for a full list of this week's vendors and offerings see below)


FIREWORKS on the (urban) Farm....

I sure hope all of you had a fantastic 4th of July. Farmer Dan and I took it easy for a change and spent time snuggling and kissing our new baby (trying not to think about the insane amount of work needing to be done in the field!!). We did venture out to the farm around dusk to put the animals up for the night, chase off devilish deer, and toast to our many successes and failures with a glass of wine. Once the night set in, the pastoral setting turned into a scene from "Apocalypse Now"! As you know, our farm is a 13.5 acre urban oasis just 5 miles east of the Plaza off Blue Parkway. Our land sits high allowing us a radical view of downtown. However, I never understood just how high until I was experiencing loud & colorful explosions in the sky all around me.....there were fireworks encompassing us as far as the eye could see!! There we sat, completely in awe, as we watched professional fireworks displays in Raytown, Overland Park, South KC, downtown KC, and KCK. To add to the surreal nature of the moment, the neighborhood was putting on a fireworks display of their own. Here in East KC, folks really know how to party and apparently "pyrotechnics" is their specialty. These residential fireworks were just as "hyphy" as the real ones so while the big stuff was happening far away, the "ghetto works" were happening in the immediate vicinity. It was absolutely wild. Urban agriculture never fails to shock me!! There is something about the juxtaposition of a farm in the city that is truly magical.
As for little Percy James...

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(all pictures included)


LIVE  NUDE  VEGETABLES!! and other organic delights... 
Yours Truly,
-farmer and MILK mistress of the BADSEED
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