Troostwood Youth Garden Market - Friday PMs and Saturday AMs

at the North-East corner of 52nd @ Paseo, KCMO
(Paseo Blvd @ E 52nd St,
Kansas City, MO 64110)


Friday nights 3:00pm-8:00pm
Saturdays 9:00am - 3:00pm

... through October 2012

Contact: Mary Wright @ 816-444-5788 in Facebook

BADSEED fIFTh Friday FARMERS' MARKET (KCMO) at 1909 McGee - 4pm-9pm

Howdy Eaters -

I gotta make this one short & sweet cuz I'm burnt-out on staring at this damn screen.  I don't last long around computers.  Throw me in a pen full of chicken poop and duck droppings, but please don't make me sit inside in front of a computer!!!

I've spent the better part of the day working on my class agenda and hand-outs for this Sunday's Secrets of "No-Till" Gardening workshop.

I'm pretty excited to offer such a class especially in the face of the worst drought in over 100 years!!  If it wasn't for our "no-till" production system, Farmer Dan and I would be flippin' burgers by now.  In other words, we'd be out of a job cuz are crops would have burned up several months back.  As excited as I am about this freakin' class, I am also a little nervous.  I have three and 1/2 hours to teach folks what took me 4 (heartbreaking) years of trial and error to learn.  That's why I've spent so much time preparing.  I want people to walk away with the knowledge necessary to transform their gardens into luscious food producing hubs teeming with life, and the ability to build the most orgasmic soil imaginable.  The class has filled up fast and I only have two or three spots open.  If you wanna take this class you need to e-mail immediately with "no-till" in the subject line and wait for a response.  I may be able to squeeze you in.  

As for this Friday's FOOD REVOLUTION - fruit and taters will take the cake.  John & Mecki of JJ Farms will be back (yay!!) with delicious backyard pears and peaches.
URBAVORE will proudly present a new harvest of Red Delicious Apples, complimented by the "Green Mystery" Apples you've been enjoying for the past couple weeks.  We will also have a fresh harvest of potatoes that will hit the market tables - Peruvian Purples (!!) with an earthy flavor and deep blue "meat" and Mountain Rose with red skin and creamy, pink flesh.  Mmmmmmm....

Other goodies include mean greens, a dwindling selection of heirloom tomatoes, Red Velvet Okra, gourmet onions, heavenly garlic, orgasmic eggplant, sweet bell peppers, and a varied selection of garden morsels.  "Flesh-Eaters" and "Sweet Tooths" need not go hungry as we will have our usual selection of grass-fed meats, RAW honey, farmstead cheese, rustic bread, vegan chocolate, hand-crafted granola, and gourmet soda.  Did I leave anything out??  Taste it for yourselves this Friday at the BADSEED funky & fabulous Farmers' Market from 4-9 pm.  See you there.


Up-Coming "Urban Homesteading" Classes -

The Secrets of “No-Till” Gardening

Sunday, September 2nd, 2-5:30 pm
*Located at URBAVORE Urban Farm, 5 miles east of the plaza - 5500 Bennington Ave., KCMO 64129
Sick of plowing, tilling, fertilizing, weeding & watering???  Well, you don’t have to anymore!  Learn the basics of building and maintaining a luscious “no-till” vegetable garden that has the potential to feed your family delicious organic food all year long!!!
Join Farmer Brooke on her 13.5 acre “edible oasis” smack in the middle of the city.  We will start out class with a short lecture and inspiring video, then we will take a tour of URBAVORE’s extensive “no-till” commercial veggie production.  Finally, we will get to work - transforming a sod-covered lawn into next season’s planting ground without the use of gas-powered equipment or fancy tools!!!  Planting & seeding techniques will also be demonstrated.
This class is designed for complete beginners OR long-time gardeners who are sick & tired of starting up that tiller!  Methods used in class can be transferred to your garden site immediately, preparing you for a bountiful 2013 garden season.  Print resources will include seeding & planting schedules, vital local resources, “farm to table” recipes, and more.
Cost of Class - $40
PLEASE E-MAIL ASAP to sign-up.  Spots limited!!

The Basics of Goat CHEESE MAKING: Feta, Mozzarella, & Chevre

Saturday, September 8th, 1-5 pm
Join community herbalist & cheese-maker, Amy Bousman, and learn to make delicious artisinal cheeses in the comfort of your very own kitchen!  The process is surprisingly simple with only a few inexpensive supplies needed to carry on this essential homesteading tradition.
Students will experience the step-by-step process for making three fantastic fresh cheeses (feta, chevre, & mozzarella) using raw goat’s milk from Amy’s very own does!!  Print resources and recipes will be included. Mingling will follow with a delightful cheese & wine tasting!!!
FYI - Raw milk (although superior) is not required for these methods of cheese making.  Pasturized milk can be used instead.
*Although Amy has abundant experience making/selling her cheeses, this is her first formal cheese-making workshop.  Therefore the cost is VERY LOW.  Comparable classes are $125 and up.  TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS GREAT OPPORTUNITY.
Cost of Class - $40
**you must sign-up directly with our Cheese Maker - contact Amy at or call 785-760-3052 (no calls after 8 pm)

Chicken Butchering 101

Learn to do up a chicken, the way Grandma did...

Sunday, September 9th, 4-6 PM

*Located at URBAVORE Urban Farm, 5 miles east of the plaza - 5500 Bennington Ave., KCMO 64129

Join urban-farming maniac, Ben Wilson of Phantom Chicken Farm, and learn the careful art of processing your own meat bird.  Under Bens's guidance, student's will slaughter and dress their very own chicken (!!) using traditional techniques and no fancy equipment.

The cost of class is $40 - this includes the cost of your bird, which you will take home and enjoy with your family.  (yummy preparation techniques will be discussed in class)
*The meat chickens for this class have been 100% pasture-raised at URBAVORE Urban Farm in partnership with Phantom Chicken Farm.  

PLEASE E-MAIL ASAP to sign-up.  Spots limited!!

Preserving the Fall Harvest

*(water bath canning, freezing, dehydrating, fermenting and root cellaring)
Sunday, Oct. 14th, 1-5 PM
When the Fall harvest comes, be ready to can, freeze and squirrel away the final bounty of the season!! You will learn it all in this homesteading tour de force. We will water bath can a savory relish or other seasonal dish. We’ll show you how to let nature ferment your cabbage into a wonderful sauerkraut, conveniently in a one quart jar!
Blanching & freezing techniques will be discussed and demonstrated so you can save the late harvest of greens, broccoli and other nutritious veggies. Examples of food dehydrating methods will be shown along with several types of equipment.

Finally, we will discuss how to store the many vegetables that don’t need freezing or canning, but just a good place to rest over the winter like potatoes, beets, carrots, squash, onions and garlic.
Cost of Class: $50.00


Sexy Veggie of the Week

This week's Runner-Up is the radiant Red Velvet Okra.  

What a trooper!!  These crazy Okra plants have hardly seen rain since they've been seeded and they've received no irrigation from us.  One of the beds in particular germinated without ever seeing water and the plants are still alive and still producing.  Wild!!  Needless to say, yields are compromised, but we will still have a decent bit this Friday.  Red Velvet Okra is superior to the green stuff.  The pods are far more tender and can grow much larger before getting "woody".  Furthermore, they are so damn BEAUTIFUL!!! (check out the pic).  The pods are a luxurious burgundy and the plant itself is breathtaking with bright red stalks, jutting leaves with red veins, and delicate cream colored flowers with velvety red centers.  Such a show stopper!!  But looks aren't everything - throw these babies in the frying pan and experience true okra bliss.  **FYI - Okra must be cooked on high heat or it will be slimy...yuk!

This week's Grand-Prize-Winner is the ancient and awesome Purple Peruvian Potato.  

This gourmet "fingerling" variety hails from the South American Andes' highlands and (amazingly enough) was one of the VERY FIRST potatoes to be harvested in the history of time!!!  This heirloom gem was carefully dug and saved for Kings during the Inca Empire.  These tasty tubers are small and oblong with midnight blue skin and glowing purple flesh with hints of white marbling.  Their stunning appearance is only topped by their divine flavor - an earthy essence with a meaty richness that simply melts in your mouth.  Furthermore, they are a super star "super food" containing high amounts of antioxidants like blueberries.  Get em' while they last!!  Unfortunately, due to the drought, the plants didn't yield like they should have. I suspect they will only be around for a couple weeks.  Dig in.

Pictures are attached.  You know the drill - print them out, blow them up, and plaster them all over the men's room!!



*** SNIP ***


LIVE  NUDE  VEGETABLES!! and other organic delights...

Yours Truly,
-farmer and mistress of the BADSEED


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