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Kansas City Food Circle Dining Card Participating Restaurants

blue bird bistro
Serving MidAmerican Artisan Cuisine.
Blue bird bistro,  an upscale organic restaurant,  specializing in local food offers monthly a farmers’  table that consists of five courses of locally grown and raised food.  We have a communal dining experience every Wednesday night,  and serve breakfast,  lunch,  and dinner Monday thru Saturday from 7am to 10pm,  and Sunday 10am to 2pm.
Our Local Growers
Nature’s Choice Biodynamic Farm* - seasonal produce and herbs
Campo Lindo Farms* - chicken and eggs
Golden Rule Meats* - beef
Green Hills Harvest* - milk
Beau Solais* - oyster mushrooms
Western Hills Produce* - fruits and herbs
Good Shepard Poultry Ranch - turkey
Peas on Earth - herbs
New Grass Bison - bison
Little Muddy Farms - seasonal produce and tomatoes
Rains Natural Meats - pork
Menno Brennerman - butter
Fig-n-Farm - figs
Missouri Northern Pecans - pecans
Goode Acre Farm - seasonal produce
Herb Company - dried herbs and spices
Thane Palmberg - seasonal produce
Wood Mood Gardens - seasonal produce
Central Soy Foods - smoked tofu
* Kansas City Food Circle Producer Member

Conveniently Natural
Conveniently Natural was born out of the idea that life (especially a healthy life) just doesn’t have to be that hard.  We are dedicated to providing the Kansas City community with healthy wholesome food at an affordable price so that you won’t be spending hours of time in the kitchen or at the grocery store.
We value the idea of sustainability and supporting local businesses in order to improve the entire community – physically, mentally, and financially.  Our goal is to always provide more value than that which we take.  Our efforts will always consider ways to reduce the environmental impact of our business. 
Our Local Growers
Bear Creek Farms* - broccoli,  cauliflower,  spinach,  lettuce,  squash  (winter and summer)
NV Ranch* -  broccoli,  cauliflower,  spinach,  lettuce,  squash  (winter and summer)
Central Soy - organic tofu,  tempeh
Justin Konka - herbs (when available)
David Moyer Farms - squash
Bates County Farms - cabbage and string beans
* Kansas City Food Circle Producer Member
NOTE:  Valid for one (1) delivery.

Eden Alley Vegetarian Café
Eden Alley Cafe
Eden Alley Cafe,  a Kansas City vegetarian restaurant,  offering divine flavor for the conscious eater, with a blend of traditional, organic, synthetic-free and local ingredients, in the creation of vegetarian, vegan, soy and gluten free menu items, including daily specials.
Our Local Growers
Soaring Eagle Farms* - flour
Peacock Farm* - eggs
Urbavore Urban Farm* (a project of Badseed) - various veggies
Karbaumer Farm* - potatoes and other veggies
Little Muddy Farm - tomatoes
Central Soy - tofu
Hansens Herbs - herbs
See website for more local producers.
* Kansas City Food Circle Producer Member

The Farmhouse
You know how after you’ve had a really long day, all you can think about is a nice comforting dinner?  Maybe it’s something you grew up eating, something fresh and soul-soothing, something that takes you back to the sheer joy of tasting and allows all other thoughts on your mind to simply drift away.   Now, couple the bliss of satisfaction in sustenance with the responsibility of supporting your local farmer and reducing the demand on the earth in food transportation and you’ll understand the reason behind The Farmhouse.
The Farmhouse will feature classically creative comfort foods of all types, focusing on the “tip-to-tail” method, and using the best of the available crops from a variety of local farmers.  Check out our Lunch Menu and see for yourself, incredibly fresh favorites, at incredibly fresh pricing.

Our Local Growers

Prairie Birthday Farms* - seasonal produce
Windhaven Farms* - poultry and eggs
Green Dirt Farm* - sheep’s milk cheese
Paradise Locker Meats* - various meats
Crum’s Heirlooms* - tomatoes and produce
Heritage Acres Farms* - heirloom and gourmet vegetables
New Roots for Refugees* - seasonal produce
Blooming Acres - seasonal produce
Goode Acres - seasonal produce
Boo Farms
Shroomheads - mushrooms
Thane Palmberg - seasonal produce
The Rare Hare Barn - rabbit
Bichelmeyer Meats - Lamb Sausage
* Kansas City Food Circle Producer Member

FÜD (pronounced fōōd) is a restaurant in the Kansas City Westside neighborhood, which opened in April of 2010, focusing on organic, local, all vegan food.
Vegan. Local. Organic.
We have the lightest footprint in the industry.  We compost everything, use corn plastic for our to-go packaging, and serve filtered, fluoride-free water.
Our Local Growers
(Specific producers coming soon)
Supplying us with…
Mustard greens
Bitter melons
Green onions
Oyster mushrooms
Burmese squash
Burmese greens
Mixed lettuce greens
Butternut squash

Good You - A Mobile Organic Eatery
We believe that dining out doesn’t always need to involve a knife and fork- or even a table. The idea of creating food to be enjoyed on the go is an art we’ve put our passion into.  While supporting local farmers and purveyors, we want to provide a creative and honorable approach to street-side edibles that is both urban and organic.”
eat well…be well…good you.

Our Local Growers

Campo Lindo Farms* - poultry and eggs
Green Dirt Farm* - sheep’s milk cheese

Most of our seasonal produce is procured from the Brookside Farmer’s Market, and the Waldo Farmer’s Market (both Kansas City Food Circle Featured Organic Markets).  
NOTE: Valid only on an order of $10 or more.
* Kansas City Food Circle Producer Member

Room 39 - Seasonal American Food
In November 2004, Andrew Sloan and Ted Habiger opened their first restaurant,  Room 39.  Three years later a second location in Leawood,  Kansas was born.  Combining seasonal ingredients and exceptional value with a warm atmosphere and friendly service,  Room 39 has become a fixture in Kansas City for breakfast,  lunch,  and dinner.
Breakfast and lunch are casual affairs with a dining room of beautifully handcrafted tables and simple yet elegant food such as our steak and eggs benedict,  fresh pasta,  and our popular half-pound burger.  Dinners are more elegant but still a great value with white tablecloths,  an award-winning wine list and a $39 tasting menu that changes daily using our farmer-driven produce and meat.
The chefs of Room 39 believe the best tasting food comes from local farmers who use sustainable harvesting and growing practices ensuring the land is better off than before.

Our Local Growers

Crum’s Heirlooms* - tomatoes and seasonal produce
Beau Solais* - oyster mushrooms
Campo Lindo Farms* - poultry and eggs
Urbavore Urban Farm* (a project of Badseed) - seasonal produce
Thane Palmberg - seasonal produce
Wood Mood Garden - seasonal produce
Simply Food - seasonal produce
La Ferme due Bonheur - dairy
Fig-N-Farm - figs
* Kansas City Food Circle Producer Member

Starkers Restaurant

Starker’s Restaurant features an ingredient-driven locally sourced menu that changes seasonally. We also maintain a classic menu that rotates through a selection of favorites from over the years.

Our Local Growers

Beau Solais* - oyster mushrooms
Campo Lindo Farms* - poultry and eggs
Prairie Birthday Farm* - seasonal produce
Wood Mood Farms - seasonal produce
Goats Beard Farm - goats’ milk cheese
Thane Palmberg - seasonal produce
* Kansas City Food Circle Producer Member

At UNFORKED our mission is to provide individuals and families the best option in eating out when it come to flavor,  highest quality ingredients,  nutrient dense food in a quick service environment. We want to share our creativity and sustainable innovation with you.  Rather going to the WHITE HOUSE or a FIVE STAR restaurant this is the quality of meat and culinary care to expect. We believe that if people don’t know what’s in their food they should be asking.  We take responsibility for the food we serve!

Our Local Growers

Anthony’s Beehive - honey
Kurlbaum’s Heirloom Tomatoes – heirloom tomatoes
Good Natured Family Farms - food from 100 family farms
Neosho Gardens - greenhouse tomatoes
Stanberry Farms - free-range eggs

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