WESTPORT PLAZA FARMERS' MARKET - at Westport & Wyoming - WEDNESDAY Evening Local Food in Kansas City

With Wednesday evening rains, waterlogged or overheated fields, and various scheduling conlicts, our little midtown market has seen better seasons. However, people still come out each week and buy up so much of the food our vendors have to offer. We are working to bring more great items from more great vendors each week, so please keep up your enthusiasm for your Wednesday trek to Westport and Wyoming. With each new or returning customer, the growers gain more energy to drive them out to those fields to plant, tend and harvest.


Kale and other greens
Pea and other sprouts
Basil and other herbs
Fingerlings and other potatoes
Zucchini and other squash
Beets and other roots
Beef and other meats
Sweet and other peppers
Green and other colors of eggs
Friendship and other breads
Nick Baker, Kasey Rausch and other musicians

There is going to be some delightful food and splendid music from 4:30-7:30 at the Westport Plaza Farmers' Market once again. See you there!

Take a walk, stroll, ride, or drive to the
Westport Plaza Farmers Market

at Westport and Wyoming
this Wednesday from
for the freshest of local,
sustainably grown offerings.

If it's from our growers, you know it's not tainted with pesticides & you can talk with our vendors about how to cook it, it it or grow some of it yourself! Goodness!