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Dear Friends of Local Burger,

The essence of Local Burger is about bringing prosperity and recognition back to the farmer and rancher...the people that provide us with food (an important job). Particularly, the producers that practice their art in a sustainable and reverent way. A way that is nourishing to the people that actually eat their food, the land, animals, local cultures and economies.

The Local Burger newsletter will feature a profile of some of the folks that supply our food, seasonal specials (check them out below!!) and events, and always an amazing coupon (that you should use so we know this newsletter is getting read!).

Local Burger wants to do better...better customer service, improved menu and we want to share what we learn about how the people that provide our food here produce, create and practice their art.

We are looking forward to "Meet Your Farmers, Suppliers and Rancher Nights" - with free samples and demonstrations. From wine to chocolate and pork to tofu, we want to share why heritage breeds, pasture raised, grass-fed only, organic, non-gmo, additive free, gluten free quality food can matter to all of us.

Local Burger is excited to connect you to these local food stars - artists who are passionate about what they are doing. They're on a journey that took them to a place where profit was not all that mattered....quality, relationships, health and culture came into the equation. It may not be the easiest way...but for some of us it is the only way.

I hope you enjoy the feature on Jason Wiebe's Dairy. My visit was eye opening - What a quality operation! Be sure to check out the coupon at the end of the newsletter so you can appreciate his fine product free of charge :)

With Sincere Thanks,


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