Field & Orchard Gleaning

Some local growers and the Society of St. Andrew (SoSA) are looking for a few good people to go out and help bring in the last of the harvest.

Speed is of the essence, as cold weather (
FREEZING) threatens to spoil these crops. Please sign up to help our efforts in the Kansas City area so these healthy foods don't go to waste.

Please contact Lisa Ousley at

816-921-0856 or



BADSEED Winter Market UPDATE - November 7, 2008

Hey Hey Hungry People,

I know, the cold weather is setting in. Farmers Markets have all ended and life is becoming dark and dismal and flavorless..............

But, have no fear, the BADSEED WINTER MARKET is here!!!

That is right: Local Organic Goodness all Winter Long!

The grand opening will be this Friday (11/7/2008) from 4-8 PM. The market will be complimented by a "First Friday" extravaganza: performance and video screening entitled "RAW". The event includes RAW FILM, RAW FOOD, & RAH BOOTY!!! (if you do not know what "Rah Booty" is, then picture girls dressed up like vegetables wrestling in a pile of compost)........only at BADSEED where local food and farmers meet totally inappropriate and unnecessary acts of debauchery and all around family fun! The event takes place next door and begins at 7. For more info see the rawpressrelease.pdf.

Anyway, back to wholesome foods and local organic delights -

Winter Market Products & Vendors will include:
  • Organic grass-fed BEEF from Wells Family Farm,
  • oyster MUSHROOMS from Beau Solais Farm,
  • WINTER VEGGIES from Root Deep Urban Farm and BADSEED Farm,
  • POULTRY, PORK, and EGGS from Burnett's Heritage Farms,
  • BAKED GOODS, PRESERVES, and EGGS from Western Hills Produce,
  • LAMB and SHEEP CHEESE from Green Dirt Farm (starting Nov. 14),
  • ARTISAN BREADS from Roaring River Bread Company,
  • organic/fair trade COFFEE from Puddin' Head Coffee, and
  • slow cooked JAMS, JELLIES, and canned delicacies from YUM TUM.
For full vendor descriptions please visit

And now a word from a few of our vendors:

From Kim at Wells Family Farm -

"Hello Everyone! What a great winter market we will have, thanks to all the hard work of Brooke and others dedicated to our cause. We will be bringing a complete variety of cuts, steaks, ground, roast also we will have our diatomaceous earth. I will also bring some bug repellant, although probably won't need it much more this year. It is good to get your animals treated before the cold sets in and they are brought indoors. This will hopefully prevent the little critters from setting up house in your home! Sharon and I look forward to seeing you all Friday night! And don't forget we do deliver for those that cannot make it out. Have a great week."

From Puddin' Head Coffee -

"We are excited to join the BADSEED Winter Market and look forward to sharing our fresh roasted organic coffee with our established and new customers. This first week we will be offering our Rainforest blend which is our darkest roast, Mexico Chiapas and Ethiopia Sidamo, roasted to a medium consistency, and organic hot cocoa. Free samples of coffee are always available so you can decide on your favorite before you buy. See you Friday!

From Debbie at YUM TUM -

"Yum Tum foods offers gourmet delights lovingly gathered, prepared and preserved for ongoing enjoyment. We make old fashioned herbal jellies and jams using no commercial pectin and made in small batches with fruit gathered from friendly backyards, farms and orchards of Missouri. Some of our offerings include apple geranium and apple marjoram/pineapple sage jelly, wild strawberry and mulberry fruit spread, peach and rose petal jam, pear honey and old fashioned apple butter. We will also be offering apple butter barbeque sauce, end of the season fire roasted salsa, ginger pears and cranberry chutney!"
From Kim at Roaring River Bread Co. - 
"The Roaring River Bread Company is thrilled to be coming to the Bad Seed this winter. We had a great summer market and I was sad to have it end. I am bringing my wonderful artisan hearth baked breads, cookies, granola and popcorn to market this Friday and hope to add more fun things as we go."

Darn! That makes me hungry. I gotta get off this computer and cook up some of these goodies I keep writing about.

See you FRIDAY!!! Come with an appetite for both delicious foods and unlikely entertainment (like live vegetable wrestling). I cannot wait!

Yours Truly,

Brooke (farmer and mistress of the BADSEED)

1909 McGee
Kansas City, MO