Funky First Friday Farmers Market at BADSEED - A MUST ON FRIDAYS IN THE CROSSROADS

Howdy There Farm-Fresh Junkies,

Oh my dear lord! I am stuffed. Dan and I just gorged ourselves with spinach and blue cheese risotto simmered to creamy perfection in a rich duck stock. The spinach came from our field, still crisp and delightful despite the cold temperatures...the blue cheese was (of course) from Goatsbeard Farm - only the most righteous local goat dairy around.....and the stock came from a wild mallard duck that my gracious friend, Craig, hunted for me as a Christmas gift. What a meal. It feels soooo satisfying to stay out of the supermarket and continue to eat local/home-grown delights even in the midst of Winter!!!

As for my oh so hungry readers, YOU can do the same thanks to our "die-hard" gang of growers at the BADSEED
*Winter* FARMERS MARKET this Friday from 4-8 PM!!!

I am super excited to announce this week's new vendor :

*The lovely Alicia Ellingsworth - Farm Manager for the Kansas City Community Farm at the Kansas City Center for Urban Agriculture located in KCK. This hard working lady will have organic "earthly" delights including Spinach, Salad Mix,Turnips, Carrots, Jerusalem Artichokes, Scallions.....and if we are super lucky - totally bodacious BEETS!!!! (come early as I doubt these unseasonal veggies will last......) What a treat!!!

Our usual Organic Offerings include:

*Gourmet Mushrooms in shitake & oyster not to mention farm-fresh Brown Eggs from Paul and Judy
at the
Mushroom Farm

(PJ's Emporium)

*Grass-Fed Lamb including French Racks, bone-in and boneless lamb legs, lamb kabob meat, lamb shanks cut Osso Bucco style, lamb stew meat, and ground lamb. As well as Farmstead Sheep's Milk Cheeses in an impressive array of aged and fresh varieties
Green Dirt Farm

*Certified Organic Beef including steaks, roasts, ground, and special cuts
Wells Family Farm

from Platte Prairie Farms!!!!

*Heirloom Pumpkins for fantastic winter soups, breads, pies, and more
from Super Pov at
Hun's Garden

*Whole Grains Breads, specialty loaves, and baked goodies (vegan options available)
from our friends
at Bread of Life Bakery

*Sweet Potatoes!!!.....and moist and delicious breads, pies, cinnamon rolls, and endless sweet treats from Alice's home-grown and freshly ground wheat. As well as Farm-Fresh Brown EGGS, Canned Goods, and Wood Carved Bowls
at Western Hills Produce

*Rich, dark, and devastating (in all the right ways)
c & Fair Trade Coffee from our favorite local roaster, Harry,
Puddin’ Head

See you Friday!

Yours Truly,

farmer & mistress of the BADSEED


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(Greenability is available
at BADSEED Market):

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See you this Friday from 4:00 to 8:00 PM