Brave the 80F HEAT today :} ... support local growers & artisans at Merriam Organic Market


We expect some broad-spectrum advertising to bring many new shoppers to see M.O.M. in August - this week might be a good time for our regular patrons to reestablish connections with our growers.

WELCOME (again) to Beau Solais' mushrooms this week - they might have some micro-greens, too. (NOTE: a temporary production issue prevented Rick from attending last week).

TOMATOES and some FRUIT are coming in soon... are you ready to do some canning?

Please bring small bills, shopping bags and solidarity to your local farmers market, and remember: slow food requires patience and understanding. Buying organically-grown vegetables and other local products "In-Season" means just that - when it is ready for harvest, your growers will bring it in.

- - -

Merriam Organic Market

4:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Merriam Farmers Marketplace
(outdoor pavilion)
5772 Merriam Drive, Merriam, KS 66203

THIS WEEK = M.O.M. expects a little rainy weather to grace the Merriam Marketplace pavilion, and we may have music to match the day - take a break from your rush hour and shop local into the evening.

  • Stop by to browse our local organically and sustainably-grown foods - green vegetables, mushrooms, free-range meats, eggs, honey, whole-grain & gluten-free baked goods, and get to know the growers who provide them;
  • Learn about green living & ecological issues in your neighborhood;
  • Shop our many arts & crafts vendors.

M.O.M. is a smorgasbord of quality, local products.

For more info, send e-mail to: