KC Organics and Natural Farmers Market - Saturdays in Minor Park

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Farmers Market - KC Organics (Minor Park - KCMO)

Saturdays 8am – 12:30pm
(Timezone: Central Time)

E 110th St & Red Bridge Road, Kansas City, MO (map)

KC Organics and Natural Farmers Market
“The Farmer’s Market in a Park”
Open Saturdays May 2nd through October 17th
8:00 am to 12:30 pm, in Minor Park
Go 1 mile South of I-435 on Holmes,then east on Red Bridge Road (111th St.)

  • fresh-picked, locally grown organic produce
  • also honey, edible flowers, herbs, mushrooms
  • breads and baked goods, grains, sauces
  • Free-Trade coffee and Eco-products
  • free-range eggs and some meats
  • soaps, body care products
  • natural stoneware jewelry

A Unique Market Experience in all the Best Ways

On the Grass, Under the Trees, in Beautiful Minor Park―with hikeable trails, lots of acreage, and the Little Blue River


In partnership with Kansas City Missouri Parks and Recreation
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Troost Community Market - Linwood & Troost - KCMO - Saturdays 8:30am-NOON

The Troost Community Market
(the little market that could)

8:30 a.m. - noon
at the corner of
Linwood and Troost
Kansas City, MO

The Troost Community Market will have KC Buffalo Co. meat, So come to Linwood and Troost for your steaks.

There will also be lots of herbs to spice up the meats for the grill or the salad dressing and apple mint for making the best strawberry-banana smoothies for a healthy dessert. Robert will smoke up some buffalo brats and Claudia may serve her peppermint lemonade.

We also have a few other growers and vendors who join us from time to time.

Hope to see you there,
Claudia Sue Toomim

We have also invited other KC Food Circle vendors to join us. We hope you will, too.

Join us to support the
Troost Community Market

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BROOKSIDE - The Community Farmers Market at Brookside (KCMO) - for Market Day (SATURDAYS)

Greetings Market Friends!

I hope no one floated away this week! It looks like Saturday will be bright and sunny though; I hope you can join us for a day at the market.

From our vendors:

From Bread of Life:

Hello Brookside Market Friends,

We have had a lot of rain this week up our way and the flooding has made things soggy. Our cows also got out into the yard (all 20 of them) during the storm and enjoyed munching on the yard grass.Good thing the yard is fenced in also, so no one got away.
Our burritos will have Josiahs' potatoes,squash,onions,swiss chard and farm fresh eggs. Our meat burritos will have Benedict Builders sausage added to them. Quiches,muffins,breads,cinnamon rolls,cookies and scones will also be available.
Will, enjoy the day and come by and see us,

Luke,Chris and Kathy

From Green Dirt Farm-

We are debuting our new raw milk tomme style cheese (a French alpine cheese) this Saturday. We cut the first wheel yesterday (it has been aging over 60 days) and it's really yummy! We've decided to call it "Queen of the Prairie" after the beautiful, rose colored, native wildflower. You'll understand why when you see the rind. Come out and get some for your self and find out why raw milk cheeses are the most flavorful. Hope to see you Saturday!



Now that the kiddos are back in school, clothes and supply shopping are done (for now), it’s time to restock your kitchens with some produce. I don’t know about you, but in our house, the fridge has been empty. I even forgot to order milk this week! Thank goodness for the “seconds” always (thank goodness) from the farm!

We do have plenty of variety to bring to Brookside this week. EGGPLANT in many shapes, colors and sizes. Ripe, SWEET PEPPERS for salads, grilling and even stuffing in this cooler autumn-like weather. Maybe served with mashed POTATOES and my daughter’s favorite, gravy! We also have nice, big GREEN, WHITE and PURPLE BELL PEPPERS. Anyone looking for some excitement? HOT PEPPERS in many degrees of excitement will be in plentiful supply. The TOMATOES are holding on against all odds and we’ll bring all we have. Cute, green TOMATILLOS are bountiful this year and perfect for a unique salsa or a Sunday brunch Green Mary. CUCUMBERS and SUMMER SQUASH will hold a special seat in the stand. PATTY PANS, ZEYPHER, long, green ZUCCHINI, light green SULTANS (new seed, new crop) and of course, the bright yellow, SUNRAY for stir-fry or cupcakes, hmmm…WINTER SQUASH has also ripened so get yours now and store it till you need it. The BUTTERNUT looks dreamy! SPAGHETTI SQUASH is a tried and true, sneaky-parent way of getting those youngins to eat their veggies. Stock up, too, on GARLIC. It’s beautiful, very reasonably priced and going fast! ONIONS and LEEKS are in prime harvest condition this week and we’ll bring only the best the field has to offer. Ever tried OKRA as a raw snack? Maybe this is your week…we love it. EDAMAME is another vegetable that is great raw or sautéed. FILET BEANS and TRI-COLOR beans are long and lean and unfortunately, short in supply, so come early if you want them. Come early, too, for MALABAR SPINACH, PURSLANE and SWEET POTATO GREENS. Even though Daniel’s on vacation, we’ll still be bringing roots. The CARROTS have been growing and growing sweeter in this cooler weather. The rain has giantized the TURNIPS and the BEETS, well, dare I say it? The BEETS can’t be beat. There. NERO diTONDO and CHERRY BELLE RADISHES will be fresh and crisp. And HERBS. All the regulars including BASIL, PARSLEY, LEMONGRASS, ROSEMARY and more. I’m disappointed to say that we won’t have micromix for a couple more weeks. It is seeded and I think the weather may have broken now for it. I hope to bring it in the very near future. Please keep asking to keep me on my toes!

Come early and take time to enjoy the day with us. Katherine, Liberty, Evangeline and I will be looking for you. Ask Evangeline about her new friend, Bud. A five month-old Chihuahua-Terrier mix we found at the Pet Connection. He won’t come this week, but watch out, you’ll see him soon!
Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings…see you Saturday!


From Blue Door Farm:

This week I'll be bringing fresh, Kansas-grown seaweed, algae and tasty catfish, fresh from my field. Just kidding ... :)

This week will be all about the peppers, which are peaking right now. If you haven't tried the italian sweet peppers ("Carmen"), then come by this week for a treat. Raw, roasted, grilled, sauteed - you name it, they're great.

Roasted peppers are also great to freeze - just drizzle them thoroughly with olive oil and pop in an airtight container in the freezer. When winter brings you down you'll have a sweet taste of summer to warm you.

While you are stockpiling a few peppers, consider another quick and easy freezer - pesto.

This week I'll bring large bunches of basil, perfect for pesto.

Also on the table: kale, garlic and zucchini.


Bear Creek:

Jim and Robbins will be visiting family this week, so won't be at market, but will be returning soon!


Saturdays, 8am to 1pm
under the white tents at theBorder Star Montessori School
63rd & Wornall, Kansas City, MO 64113

The Farmers' Community Market at Brookside is Dedicated toCreating a Unique Partnership between the Community andFarmers who provide High Quality, Local and Organic Productsin an atmosphere that is mutually beneficial, wholesome and fun.The Market also helps to support the Border Star PTA.