39th Street Community Farmers Market - Wednesdays 4:30-7:30pm

We have been having lots of potential vendors trying to get into the market of late-giving us a bit of a reality check. The reason you are likely to see some empty space still in the lot of the marketspace is because we insist on offering a place for food sold under high standards of integrity and care in the way that it comes to you. Although it may have to been driven in from a farm miles from town, it was all grown or made by the people you see at the market. They are committed to avoiding any chemical -icides or other potentially harmful treatments. So, though you may not see a slew of groceries flooding your vision in our little lot, all you see is the best you can get in the area from the area. So, what is available this week?

Cucumbers-tasty little picklers
Greens-Asian and otherworldly
Berries-some straw and possibly others
Peppers-first tastes of the season
Carrots-bringing in some summer color
Salad Mix-and a few exotic natives
Beets-great as a roasted root
Beans-green and getting longer each week
Herbs-Basil, Cilantro, Mint, Oregano
Baked Goods-breads, cinn rolls, cookies, lil pies
Beef-healthy cows never fattened on grain
Sauces & spreads-vegan cheese, BBQ, apple butter
Hickory-get it to grill/smoke up your foodstuffs
Curious Canine-dog foods for those healthy best friends

Expect more and you'll get it...

Dave Bennett - 39th Street Market


Get some green and stay healthy!

39th St. Community Market
39th and Genessee, Kansas City, Missouri
Wednesdays, 5 to 8 pm, May 6th - Oct. 7th 2009

The 39th Street Community Market is conveniently located near KU Medical Center in the 39th Street shopping area. Stop by after work and talk with your local farmers. Organic and sustainably grown vegetables and fruit, free range meat and other goodies are available. If you live in the neighborhood, stroll on over and bring your kids! Regular music events and children's activities are also scheduled.

Call 913-432-4101 for specific dates, or check on our web site.