Squash Blossom Local Food Buying Cooperative - GREATER KANSAS CITY

St Patricks day comes but once a year and its the same for fabulous sweet Winter Spinach

This will be the last time this season to order thick, green local spinach and kale from C & C Farms. Chris needs to plant his tomatoes for next summer.

Your Co-op also has lots of beans for hearty soups, dips and chili. Try some of Christi's dried tomatoes for a special touch of Summer. Add some grass fed beef, pork or lamb and now your eatin local!

Don't forget to order lamb for your Easter celebration.

I've been sprouting flaxseed and WOW its so good and full of Omega oils, vitamins and minerals. So save a fish and sprout some flax instead.

Order C & C greens by midnight March 15 to assure delivery in time for Saturday pickup. Order Cycle ends midnight March 18th.

Pick up your order on
Saturday March 19 3:30 - 5:30PM
5309 Rosewood St, Roeland Park, KS 66205

Register at: http://squashblossomcoop.org/shop/join.php

order at:




"While the coop strives to buy 100% local, there are some items that are not grown in our region or even in our country. A Carbon Debt charge of $0.30 per lb. or pint is attached to all items that are coming from outside the continental USA. This money will go into a special fund to be loaned out (or granted) to farmers interested in producing the commodities we currently ship in from outside our local region."

The Squash Blossom Food Cooperative is devoted to ensuring health in the heartland by developing a strong local, sustainable food system that strengthens our regional community and economy and provides families with food grown sustainably and close to home.


We are in the process of adding new products and farmers so check back during the current order cycle for items like fresh produce, beef, eggs, chickens, preserves and award winning bacon.

Farmers, shoppers, institutions and local food buying clubs make up the membership of the cooperative.

Please read important information about ownership(membership) in the Squash Blossom Food Cooperative and guest shopping here.