Troostwood Youth Garden Market - KCMO - Saturday AM at 52nd & Paseo

at the North-East corner of 52nd @ Paseo, KCMO
(Paseo Blvd @ E 52nd St,
Kansas City, MO 64110)


Friday nights 3:00pm-8:00pm
Saturdays 9:00am - 3:00pm

... through October 2012

Contact: Mary Wright @ 816-444-5788 in Facebook

BADSEED Fabulous Friday FARMERS' MARKET (KCMO) 1909 McGee (near the Crossroads) 4p-9p

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Howdy Eaters -

Wow!  This break in the heat is sure nice!!  Still, no rain, but I'll take temps in the lower 90's any day over the outdoor furnace that has been burning us alive for the past month.  Farmer Dan and I got a taste of Fall this past Monday while picking apples on our old farm in 80 degree weather.  I felt like I was on another planet!  It was absolutely delightful!!  It reminded me that even in the worst of times (severe drought, excessive heat, dead crops) change is always around the corner.  Nothing lasts forever and if we can just hold on, sweet relief will come eventually.  Now don't get me wrong, we are still very much in a disastrous drought all over the country.  

There's not a lot of hope for fall crops and next spring is even questionable if conditions persist.  All the same, I cannot afford to have a negative outlook.  I'm a farmer for Christ's sake!!  I have to believe in the RAIN, the divine balance of nature, and the greater good in order to get my spirits high enough to do this crazy song & dance all over again next spring.  Huh!  Some days I really do want to drop dead.  In those dark moments I try and look at the flip-side.  I picture myself sitting in a florescent lit cubicle, staring at a screen, fearing my boss, and eating a "lunchable".  That's when I conclude that "hey, things aren't so bad".  I'm living the dream, right?

That last statement is very much debatable, but let's move on and not analyze.  I'm trying to remain positive, alright!

So, let's talk "crop status".  Well, it looks like we will have another decent run of heavenly heirloom tomatoes.  Not as many as last week, but still a decent bit.  Chinese Red Noodle Beans made a slight come-back and will bedazzle the market table, as well as varietal sweet peppers, and an impressive selection of gourmet EGGPLANT in both Asian and Italian varieties.  We will of course have the best freakin' garlic on the planet, tenacious taters, and sweet Italian onions that will rock your world.  And that's not all - APPLES will hit the stands this Friday - the first harvest of the season from our old farm in South KC. In addition to veggies & fruits, I will have free-range eggs available for a change.  Only 10 dozen, so grab em' early.  John and Mecki of JJ Farms will be back this week.  They've got butternut squash (!!) and a few other goodies.  Lew of Herb'n Gardener will be skipping out to focus on a new project - SHITAKE MUSHROOM GROWING!!  Expect to see fantastic fungi in coming weeks.

As always, it aint all about the veggies!  Omnivores can partake in the finest grass-fed meats, artisan sheep's cheese, crusty sourdough bread, raw honey, and raw vegan chocolates!!  This is "walmart one stop shopping" for the conscious consumer.  Come on down and celebrate REAL FOOD this Friday at the BADSEED.  

Now, for a VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE:  THIS WILL BE OUR LAST WEEK OPERATING THE URBAVORE SATURDAY FARMSTAND.  Due to a general lack of neighborhood support, we have decided to close up shop after this Saturday, August 18th.  This was a very difficult decision for Dan and I as we are utterly passionate about bringing fresh, organic foods to under-served communities.  But (let's be perfectly honest) just because people should eat their fruits and veggies doesn't mean they want to.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not bitter at the hood.  Overall, this neighborhood has been INCREDIBLE.  They have allowed Dan and I to build a massive organic farmstead smack in their faces...livestock and all!!  (Remember, Dan and I were viciously booted off our last "city farm" by neighbors).  We couldn't be happier in our current location, but all the same we can't keep slangin' veggies when there aint nobody buying.  Our farm products have the potential to be sold elsewhere, and so they shall.  Thanks to those of you who did indeed support our efforts.  It means A LOT to me.  Come and see us one last time this Saturday.  Farm tours are encouraged!!  


Up-Coming "Urban Homesteading" Classes -

The Secrets of “No-Till” Gardening

Sunday, September 2nd, 2-5:30 pm
*Located at URBAVORE Urban Farm, 5 miles east of the plaza - 5500 Bennington Ave., KCMO 64129
Sick of plowing, tilling, fertilizing, weeding & watering???  Well, you don’t have to anymore!  Learn the basics of building and maintaining a luscious “no-till” vegetable garden that has the potential to feed your family delicious organic food all year long!!!
Join Farmer Brooke on her 13.5 acre “edible oasis” smack in the middle of the city.  We will start out class with a short lecture and inspiring video, then we will take a tour of URBAVORE’s extensive “no-till” commercial veggie production.  Finally, we will get to work - transforming a sod-covered lawn into next season’s planting ground without the use of gas-powered equipment or fancy tools!!!  Planting & seeding techniques will also be demonstrated.
This class is designed for complete beginners OR long-time gardeners who are sick & tired of starting up that tiller!  Methods used in class can be transferred to your garden site immediately, preparing you for a bountiful 2013 garden season.  Print resources will include seeding & planting schedules, vital local resources, “farm to table” recipes, and more.
Cost of Class - $40

The Basics of Goat CHEESE MAKING: Feta, Mozzarella, & Chevre

Saturday, September 8th, 1-5 pm
Join community herbalist & cheese-maker, Amy Bousman, and learn to make delicious artisinal cheeses in the comfort of your very own kitchen!  The process is surprisingly simple with only a few inexpensive supplies needed to carry on this essential homesteading tradition.
Students will experience the step-by-step process for making three fantastic fresh cheeses (feta, chevre, & mozzarella) using raw goat’s milk from Amy’s very own does!!  Print resources and recipes will be included. Mingling will follow with a delightful cheese & wine tasting!!!
FYI - Raw milk (although superior) is not required for these methods of cheese making.  Pasturized milk can be used instead.
*Although Amy has abundant experience making/selling her cheeses, this is her first formal cheese-making workshop.  Therefore the cost is VERY LOW.  Comparable classes are $125 and up.  TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS GREAT OPPORTUNITY.
Cost of Class - $40
**you must sign-up directly with our Cheese Maker - contact Amy at or call 785-760-3052 (no calls after 8 pm)

For a full list of classes click here.
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