[Apologies for the flurry of emails during the Urban Farms & Gardens Tour, we will resume irregular communication after the 26th]

The Urban Farms & Gardens Tour is off to a great start. We have had several wonderful events this weekend and are ready to roll out more workshops, films and food events this week! 
Get Your Grow On with workshops on Monday

Food production can play a critical role in creating a healthy environment. In Plant for the Future: Eco Garden/Farm Design 101, the EPA will share ways in which food production can control erosion, effectively manage water and energy, and maintain healthy soil. 

Heidi VanPelt-Belle of FUD Restaurant, an advocate of fresh, local food, offers a hands-on class on how to prepare raw, vegan meals - Eat the Rainbow: Eating Color for Health 101

Grow the Good: Faith Based Gardens 101 is hosted by three community churches who are all doing some type of farming or gardening project. Leaders will share their experiences and offer guidance to help you get growing in your faith-based community. 

And, all week long, join us in supporting restaurants that support local growers. Each night a few restaurants will donate 10% of their proceeds to Cultivate Kansas City. 

On Monday Eat Out Local at Eden Alley Vegetarian Cafe and Succotash (lunch only for both) to support your local food system! 

 See our website for all event details for the coming ten days! 

We hope you will take the time to see what will be offered during this 12-day celebration of growing and eating fresh, healthy food in our city! 

Tickets and event registration are now available online.
Cultivate Kansas City 4223 Gibbs Rd, Kansas City, KS 66106
913-831-2444 ~~~ info@cultivatekc.org


From: Skyler sqirrelpig5000 (a) yahoo . com

Hello everyone, I'd like to invite you to take part in Tim Coughenour's annual small scale wheat harvest (Lawrence, KS). This is a chance for you to learn traditional human scale grain raising techniques. Tim Coughenour has been growing 95% + of his own food for many years. He also lives entirely without fossil fuel inputs (electricity, natural gas, city water, automobiles) which might make him the most sustainable person in Lawrence! Annually the wheat harvest starts as early as the 23rd of June to as late as the 30th, depending on the weather.

Tim's farm/ 
garden is located at the second to last driveway on the  north side of the street of the 800 block of Oak Street in North Lawrence. There is 
a small sign that reads "produce for sale".

Wheat harvest can take as long as 3 consecutive afternoons and evenings or as little as one. Work starts at 4pm and goes till sundown. work consists of cutting wheat heads with a hand sickles and transporting it to a barn while others thresh with flails on threshing floors. Eric Farnsworth will also be bringing his pedal power wheat thresher. 

There is plenty of work for kids too. 

If you wish to participate you will need to bring all the water you need to drink as there is no water at this site. A snack would be good.   Ideally you should have a longs sleeves white shirt, a handkerchief or dust mask, shoes not sandals, and perhaps long pants. If you have a hand sickle [scythe] (think Soviet flag) bring that

Riding your bike will be appreciated. If you park a car, please do so on the north side of Oak st. 

Since I do not yet know the precise date of harvest it would be best if you send me an email with your name, email and phone number and I will let you know when it starts.

Hope to see you there,
     Skyler Adamson
sqirrelpig5000 (a) yahoo . com


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Purpose: To foster a community of farmers and gardeners whose focus is the development of ecologically sustainable agriculture practices, production of healthy food, conservation of energy, education and the sharing of skills and labor, and creation of community self-reliance.  To embrace the permaculture ethic and share the responsibility for restoring a sustainable and ecologically viable way of life.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED ~ Timberland Westside Urban Community Orchard - PLANTING PROJECT - Friday, June 24th @ 8am-2pm

~ click for a larger image ~
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Timberland Westside Urban Community Orchard
Friday, June 24th

SkillsUSA and Timberland Pro will be planting of one of the largest community urban orchards in the country which will produce $50K annually in free produce for the community and over $1 Million over the life of the orchard. 

The entire orchard cost is underwritten by the SkillsUSA, Timberland PRO, KCMO and local community nonprofits and businesses.

~ 8am to 2pm Friday, June 24, 2011 ~
Behind the Tony Aguirre Center
(20th & West Pennway)

If you would like additional information, contact:
Eddie Tapper