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Excerpt for market date 2012-06-15:

Funky-Fresh Foodies & Relentless Locavores -

Before I get into my "veggie jive talk", I wanna give a big THANK YOU to the lovely fellows of SHLAFLY BEER - a remarkable little brewery in St. Louis, MO.  These guys happened to waltz into the BADSEED some Friday night back in January and signed-up for our e-mail list (bless their hearts!).  After reading my STRESSED OUT "market e-mail" a couple weeks back (the one about my feverish baby, poison ivy, and general farmer madness), they said to themselves "we'd better get this CRAZED WOMAN SOME BEER!!"...and so they did!  This past Saturday while I was slangin' beets at the ol' Farmstand, a lovely "red-head" walked up with a  big smile and multiple cases of delicious micro-brewed beer.  Needless to say, Farmer Dan and I popped open some bottles, passed em' around to customers and neighbors alike, and partook in the refreshing sensation of ice cold beer...(there's nothing better on a hot afternoon!!).  I gotta say, that's what community is all about...(and all the way from St. Louis, no doubt!!).  So, in conclusion, Shlafly Beer is "organic farmer approved".  You heard it here first.  Drink up!

Alright...enough about beer, let's talk veggies -

The absolutely GLORIOUS RAIN we received this past Monday has SAVED OUR GREEN BUTTS!!  The vegetables got a much needed drink and as a result the harvest will be boomin' this week.  URBAVORE will have the mother-load of Fresh Italian Florence FENNEL.  We had to clear the field cuz the fat bulbs were threatening to go to seed.  Therefore we have well over 250 lbs all at once.  But hey - I'm not complaining!!  I've been eating this heavenly vegetable for just about every meal.  I snack on it raw in the field, I saute it with rainbow chard & garlic scapes, I caramelize it with sweet red onions, I roast it with turnips, I toss it in pastas, and I even throw it in omelets & scrambled eggs.  I am WILD about this stuff and no doubt you will be too!  Get it now or never.  Beets, Carrots, and lovely Gold Ball "buttery" Cooking Turnips are also on the menu complimented by giant bunches of fresh SAGE.  Roast these delectable root vegetables with a Parker Farms "free-range" chicken of superior flavor.  In addition to all that, hearty spring greens are still going strong in the form of nutrient-rich Kale and succulent Rainbow Chard.  Load up on this green goodness now before sizzling summer heat puts an end to it all.  Last but not least, fresh Fava Beans have hung on for one more week.  I have very limited quantities so come early for this rare italian delight.  

If veggies aint your thang, then how about some delightful French Farmstead Cheeses handcrafted from grass-fed sheep's milk??...and some crusty loaves to spread it on??  Or yummy free-range eggs, grass-fed beef & lamb, and all-natural pork??  So many local goodies, I can barely keep my stomach from grumbling!!  (I hate typing this e-mail when I'm hungry...). 

So enough already!  You get the point.  For REAL FOOD (raised ethically and with a whole lotta' love) head on down to the BADSEED this Friday night from 4-9 pm.  Our fabulous gang of farmers will be waiting for you with mouthwatering morsels to boot!  See you there.


RESPOND TO THIS E-MAIL RIGHT NOW (with Pies 101 in the subject line) if you wanna sign-up for this class!!!!  LAST CHANCE!!!


SPRING PIES - Sunday, June 17th, 2-4:30 pm

Pies are the best advocates for seasonal cooking! With just a little help from some spices, sugar & salt, and an egg or two, pies can spotlight any veggie or fruit of the season. From berries to potatoes to apples to onions to cheese to fresh herbs, pies offer endless and easy possibilities to use up whatever you have on hand. Join us as we re-learn this ol’ heartland tradition, and find yourself a new hobby!

In this class students will learn how to make two different (delicious!) pies, one sweet and one savory, appropriate for the current season. Students will also share in the process of mixing two basic pie crusts, rolling out the dough, forming the crust, preparing the fillings, and assembling the pies. Techniques regarding various pie decorating and assembly (including 2-crust pies), ingredient substitutions, pre-baked pie shells, as well as several additional seasonal recipes will be covered during the class. We’ll share our “hard work” with each other at the end of the day.

*Locally-grown, locally-milled, organic Heartland Mill Flour will be available for purchase at the end of class.

Cost of Class - $30 (includes samples and pie dough to take home with you)


Sexy Veggie of the Week

This week's Runner-Up is the super-sexy Chioggia Beet!!!  This candy-striped goddess hails from the tiny town of Chioggia, a fishing village near Venice.  This crimson-skinned heirloom is known for her radiant flesh with alternating pink & white rings that resemble a bull’s eye.

Chioggia Beet Carpaccio - Go local and substitute the feta cheese for one of Green Dirt Farm's many offerings!!

This week's Grand-Prize-Winner is the classic CARROT!!  

I am super excited about these ol' carrots cuz I've never actually managed to grow them before!!!!  Really!!  I can admit that I am a failure as a farmer cuz I can't grow no carrots, but this season I've managed to tempt them from the soul of the earth and BOY...are they GOOD!!  Carrots need constant moisture to germinate and since I don't have irrigation on my fields, I've had to rely on Mother Nature's tears...(hence my carrot-growing failures in the past).  But enough about that!!  Let's just focus on the fact that I've finally succeeded & crazy carrots will be taking over the market table this Friday - tops and all!!  Our carrots are grown in nutrient-rich organic soil that gives them an utter sweetness that will make you swoon.  They aint no "grocery store carrot"...these are the real deal and me and Percy cannot stop gnawing on them.  Speaking of the "real deal", we brought them to City Market last week and all the customers were asking Dan why his carrots were the only ones with tops on em'.  Dan smugly replied, "cuz I'm the only farmer who grows em".  Wow!  What a racket.  In conclusion - BEWARE OF TOPLESS CARROTS - and sink your teeth into these babies come Friday!!       

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