Funky First-Friday Farmers Market at BADSEED - FRIDAYS in the CROSSROADS

Dearest Supporters,

The most generous folks at the City have shown mercy on our little organic farm. In meeting with various department heads last week, we were instructed that we might operate within the boundaries of code if we discontinue hosting apprentices & volunteers on our farm, as well as our weekly on-farm CSA pickup. These activities (two to three volunteers per week and four CSA members) push our business into the commercial realm.

These two violations may seem petty, or somewhat of a stretch. But when you consider that only a week ago we had five violations stacked against us and were on the verge of having our operation shut-down all together, we’re content with the result for the time being. So we will operate under these guidelines to finish our season.

Do not misunderstand me: this is a victory. If we had not fought the city on these violations, we would have been cited on each count. Urban farming in Kansas City would be technically illegal. We have reversed the political pressure that was leveraged against us, and have found many supporters within City Hall with whom we can move forward to change the coding. Indeed, the City Planning and Development Department has invited us to the table to help draft new ordinances that better allow for urban farming and possibly urban livestock.

This is a victory for BADSEED Farm, and it is also a victory for our SUPPORTERS. Thanks to all of you who wrote your council members. We attracted attention from not only our 6th District representatives, but also from politicians throughout the city and county. Your voices were heard. People from as far a field as Florida weighed in on our troubles.

But your support does not end here. It begins. In coming weeks, we will hold a meeting about potential code changes to support urban agriculture and urban livestock. At that meeting we will need your input, and after that we will need you to remain vocal with your councilmembers to get these new ordinances passed.

So, although our produce may not make you guilty by association, it is still BAAADDAAASSSS.

***This Week at the BADSEED Farmers’ Market***

Fall MIXED GREENS from Herb’n Gardener

Fresh-Cut Flowers

Slow-Cooked Jams and Jellies from YUM TUM

TOMATOES! STILL!! – All of the fabulous varieties that you’ve enjoyed for almost two months.

Winterbor KALE – Curly, tender, distinguished.

Sweet Colored and Green PEPPERS – Big bells and sweet chocolate.

RED VELVET OKRA – Amazingly tender.

SWEET Potato GREENS – Better than spinach, folks, with a uniquely creamy texture.

PURPLE, Yellow, and RED Potatoes – Get ‘em before they’re gone.

Onions Galore!

WINTER SQUASH from Platte Praire

Orgasmic EGGPLANT from outer space (actually, its insanely local)

CHINESE RED NOODLE BEANS – Long, delicious strands of goodness.

The Best Deal on BASIL this side of the Pacific!

Aged and fresh GOAT CHEESE, second -to-none

BREAD of LIFE, and farm fresh EGGS

Come see us in the flesh this Friday from 4:30-9 PM!

...... fore the BADSEED Farmers’ Market will not be televised. The BADSEED is REAL!

(and your food should be too)

-Farmer Dan

To learn more about our troubles check out this cover story in INK Magazine.* They really got our goat.....(haha) and check out our updates on Facebook (linked below).

* Overcoming Kansas City's eco-hurdles (KC INK Magazine)

... businesses. Salvaggio said she and Heryer, who own the Badseed Farmers Market in the Crossroads Arts District, weren’t aware of the ...

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An Urban-Organic Farm & Market
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See you this Friday from 4:30 to 9 PM

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