Funky Friday Farmers Market at BADSEED

Howdy Friends, Locavores, and "Oh So Picky" Eaters,

This is your ruthless and exhausted Farmer Brooke here trying to remain "peppy" for the next few minutes so that I can write you an absolutely convincing and inspiring "market e-mail" aboutthis Friday's Farmers Market extravaganza full of renegade farmers and freaks and local-organic FOOD at BADSEED from 4:30 to 9 PM!!

Staying dry? I sure as hell am not. What a spring! Dan and I spent the off-season in Italy working on a small goat dairy. It was our "working" marriage/honey moon. It rained every single day for two months! Needless to say we were excited to get our soggy selves back to the ole' midwest and begin what we assumed would be a much dryer farm season. Low and behold, we brought the rain with us.

BADSEED Farm Up-Date:
Well, Dan and I are still standing (barely). However most of our crops are not. We have experienced natures "wrath" this year with a domino effect of mishaps. First we lost half of our production when we had to abandon a piece of land dedicated to storage crops, then we basically lost the remainder of our production to standing water, slugs, and no sun or warmth to counteract them. Such situations can be hard on a new marriage, a business, and one's soul (for that matter). We are physically, emotionally, and spiritually drained having given all of ourselves in the process of trying to salvage those precious plants in that soggy ground. We are hoping for a turn-around with our summer crops, so please bare with us!!! But......

Don't despair. Local organic delights are still abound as the BADSEED Market's gang of urban growers are here to save the day with their glorious greens, tenacious transplants, and otherspring goodies. Not to mention artisanal GOAT CHEESE from Goats Beard Farm, Free-Range Eggs with Burnt Orange Yolks, and Kombucha "Mushroom" Tea!! Oh My!

This week from our Green-Thumbed Misfits:

Lew Edminster
West Side, KCMO
"Hooray! This week i'll have some actual mixed salad greens, a combination known only to myself and a few garden gnomes. Some arugula could appear as well providing the sun appears this week for more than three hours....."

Root Deep Urban Farm
Sherri Harvel
East Side, KCMO
Sherri will have gorgeous transplants including heirloom tomatoes, herbs, and flowers. As well as freshly pulled easter egg radishes, and a plethora of earthly greens.

Platte Prairie Farms
Steve Mann (aka Squash Father)
North Side, KCMO
"Friday I will have a new product - Cat Grass from Platte Prairie Farms in three inch clay pots - Vibrant, green, growing Kamut Grass.
"Cats in Ancient Egypt enjoyed Kamut Grass that was planted by the Farmer of the Priestess of Isis in the Temple Gardens." Now your cat can receive the health benefits of this ancient grain.
I will also have salad greens mix, sweet potatoes, squash babys, bamboo plants, shoots and canes."

Brooke Salvaggio and Daniel Heryer
South Side, KCMO
This week we will have a variety of righteous medicinal and culinary herb transplants and flowers including russian tarragon, pink sunday sage, german thyme, oregano, dill, african marigolds, purple ruffles basil, lemon balm, calendula, chamomile, and gorgeous cockscomb. We will do our best to swim out and harvest the few veggies wearing life jackets.....(haha)

Puddin' Head Coffee
George and Vicki Hartmann
Horray for our local roasters!!! They keep me awake at market!!!
"For those of you who aren't familiar with our company, we are a local micro-roaster offering organic and fairly traded coffees, much of which are shade grown.
Friday we will have Rainforest Blend, Ethiopia Blue Nile Blend and Decaf Peru. Free samples available as well as coffee sold by the cup. We will also be serving organic hot tea and Vicki's organic hot cocoa. For the home roaster we will have raw green coffee beans available."
So come on down this Friday and bring your smiling face ( I really need to see one) and your empty belly. Fill up on local-organic goodness grown ethically, with love, and close to home!!! Oh and quit doing those silly rain dances will ya!

Up-Coming "Urban Homesteading" Class:
Saturday, May 23rd (10-1 PM) - Preserving With Solar Dehydration

*For full class description and to sign-up please visit*

See you Friday!!

Yours Truly,

Brooke (failing farmer and mistress of the BADSEED)

4:30-9:00pm this Friday
An Urban-Organic Farm & Market Celebrating
Local Food, Culture, and Community
1909 McGee

Urban Chicken Growers Elicit Controversy - Local Govt. Responses Vary - Local Food Movement Gaining Momentum

Urban chicken movement
taking roost in KC area

The Kansas City Star

Chickens could be coming to roost in a backyard near you.

Across the country and the metropolitan area, people are joining the national urban chicken movement, sometimes turning outlaw to raise the birds.

The movement started with the rationale that raising chickens fits in with efforts toward local and pure foods, supporters say, and the eggs are fresh and flavorful. The animals also are entertaining pets, many say.

Today, Overland Park homeowner David Crupper will seek a special-use permit to house up to four chickens, even though he already has the birds and a homemade coop in his backyard.

No disrespect for the law was intended, he said, but he had to buy the chicks before a farm supply business stopped selling them for the year. Crupper, 25, a financial adviser, is far from a hippie, he said, but he wants to get great eggs from “the girls.”

“It’s a nice little hobby people can get behind,” he said, and he thinks his neighbors will support him.

Crupper has mailed certified letters to all of the neighbors within 200 feet and has posted a sign in his front yard advising them of the Planning Commission meeting.

But precedent isn’t on Crupper’s side. Four years ago, another Overland Park family tried to get such a permit. By a vote of 7-5, the City Council wouldn’t allow it.

Opponents said then that chickens did not belong in Overland Park. Some said the birds were unsanitary.

Overland Park City Councilman Jim Hix, who voted against the chickens in 2005, said this week that he would probably do so again.

“Wanting eggs is not unique,” he said. “It’s not a good idea to have chickens in a suburban area under normal circumstances.”

In Mission, the City Council recently sent to committee a proposal to change its law to allow urban chickens. Jerritt Dayhoff requested the change because her family would like to raise five or six chickens. She is a former Jackson County public defender who grew up on a farm, she said.

“Chickens are a heck of a lot quieter and cleaner than dogs,” said Dayhoff, 33. They make interesting pets, she said, and “It’s nice to tell your kids your breakfast came from Myrtle or Madge.”

But Councilman John Weber, 77, said he has seen the city grow out of farmland and sees no reason to go back.

“If we’re going to be residential, we ought to be residential,” he said.

Some cities on board

In 2004, Madison, Wis., was among the first of several cities to change laws to allow limited numbers of chickens, but usually not crowing roosters. New York City has long allowed chickens. The birds live in urban areas in Chicago; Albuquerque, N.M.; Portland, Ore.; Seattle; and other cities.

Many Web sites and Backyard Poultry magazine support the effort, which they say is still growing in this country, Great Britain and Canada. has 30,000 members — up from 20,000 last December — and it grows by 100 members a day, said its owner, Rob Ludlow.

KT LaBadie, an Albuquerque graduate student who started, said people are tearing out lawns to grow vegetables, and chickens are a natural next step.

Some cities have changed their laws because so many people were keeping chickens illegally, she said.

Afoul of the law

In Kansas City, residents are allowed to have chickens only if they are 100 feet away from the nearest home or business, and the birds are not allowed to roam.

That hasn’t stopped two women in different Kansas City neighborhoods from raising chickens illegally, and they say they are doing it for the fresh eggs.

At one house, nine big chickens roam in a fenced backyard where a wooden chicken coop looks like a garden shed. The 28-year-old homeowner has given names to all nine of her chickens, and she has pictures of herself with each on her MySpace page. The hens produce about six or seven eggs a day, and she sells or trades any extra eggs to pay for feed.

In another Kansas City neighborhood, a 49-year-old woman raises just one chicken.

The hen, called simply Chicken, spends time in the garden this time of year, scratching up the soil and fertilizing it with its droppings. In winter, it lives in a coop in the basement. Chicken lays about five eggs a week.

Light enforcement

Both of the Kansas City women said their neighbors haven’t complained, and some are checking into getting chickens themselves.

So does that mean more chickens and lawbreaking are on the way?

Dave Marak, a supervisor with Kansas City animal control, said a crew recently took five illegal chickens to the animal shelter, something it does occasionally.

Few people retrieve chickens there because of a $25 pickup fee and $10 a day in expenses, he said, plus chicken owners could get fined.

The fine is up to $250, but judges generally don’t impose anywhere near that, and cases sometimes get dismissed, he said.

Animal control generally goes after chickens only when someone complains, he said.

“Usually if a complaint comes in, it’s because they’re letting them run loose or a new neighbor comes in,” he said.

Marak takes no position on the controversy other than to note that strong forces are in play.

“There’s nothing better than a fresh egg,” he said.

@ For a video report, go to

To reach Joe Lambe, call 816-234-7714 or
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Urban chicken update: Planning Commission approves test permit

Urban chickens have their beaks in the suburban door.

In a victory for chicken supporters, the Overland Park Planning Commission on Monday afternoon voted to grant two brothers a test permit to raise chickens.

The special-use permit goes before the City Council on June 1 for a final decision on whether David and Bill Crupper can have four chickens at a residence on West 95th Terrace

The 7-4 Planning Commission vote came after split testimony from neighbors. The permit would last only one year.

Four years ago, the City Council voted down the last attempt by a family to get a permit for chickens.

But Plan Commissioner Michael Flanagan said the city and society have changed much since then.

“Four years ago I didn’t Twitter,” he said, “but I do now.”

| Joe Lambe,


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blue bird bistro - Badger Mountain Wine Dinner & Farmers' Table - Wednesday, May 13th

great gift for mother's day
organic wine - local food
Badger Mountain Wine Dinner
Wednesday, May 13, 2009
start with a glass of Badger Mountain Riesling,
one of the first organic wines that
blue bird bistro was able to share when we
committed to serve organic wine - be seated for
four courses of local food
the folks from Badger Mountain Vineyard,
Columbia Valley, Washington will be here
to introduce their wine with each course

$50 per person 6:30pm vegetarian/vegan option $50
reservations 816-221-7559 or

Good Natured Family Farm all natural beef marinated
in Western Hills Produce Farm herbs au jus
on a bed of Organic Way Farm arugula
Paired with Badger Mountain Merlot, 2007

Green Dirt Farm farmstead sheep's milk cheese bisque
with a floating beignet de pomme de terre
Paired with Montinore Estate Pinot Gris, 2007

Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch turkey breast stuffed
with Thane Palmberg Farm spinach in Minno Bernanam Farm butter,
encrusted with Missouri Northern Pecans and
drizzled with Elmer Gingrich Farm sorghum syrup
Paired with Montinore Estate Gewurztraminer, 2006

Campo Lindo Farm egg white merinque filled with
blue bird bistro garden rose mousse
Paired with Montinore Estate Muller - Thurgau, 2007


The KC Food Circle celebrates the commitment shown by blue bird bistro to local growers throughout Greater Kansas City metro and surrounding areas.

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The Organic Way Farm - Milo, MO

Green Dirt Farm - Weston, MO

Campo Lindo Farms - Lathrop, MO

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Know Your Grower) and more...