Farmers' Community Market at Brookside - SATURDAYS 8am-1pm

Well, market friends believe it or not we only have two more months of Market left. That makes me sad, and it also makes me want to preserve whatever I can for those cold winter months. Stock up on your canning and freezing produce this weekend. There will be plenty there!

We welcome Ned Scott and Fine Kettle of Fish back for our musical entertainment.

Wells Family Farms

Hey Pam! I have BEEF! Yee Haw!!!!!!!!!! Plus of course my other goodies! Later alligator kim

From Blue Door Farm:

Hi all - sorry I missed you all last week, but this week I will return with sweet and mild japanese eggplants, carmen sweet peppers, lovely kale bunches, tasty okra and tomatoes.

Now I'm off to harvest in a nice, cool rain.

- Laura

Bear Creek Farms

Well, it had to happen. Lonnie and Jeanna are going to be off doing rodeo things this weekend so Jim and I will be manning the market tent this Saturday. Jim is excited about seeing everyone - I'm a little hung up on the idea of having to get up at 3 am.!

It's been a busy week here. There has been a cleaning frenzy going on - crops are coming out, ground worked, fall crops seeded, and cover crops planted in areas that are done for the year. Jim has been brush hogging all the weeds around the fields and a general tidying up is going on as things slow down in the veggie department. It's nice to finally have time to do some of the projects that just don't get done when we are so busy.

At market this week we'll have a few tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, melons, onions and potatoes, winter squash, pie pumpkins, a little asparagus, some fresh figs, more of the European and Asian pears, apples, and whatever else we can get picked. It's Labor Day weekend, so come stock up on some of the fruits of our labor!

Can't wait to see everyone!

Robbins and Jim

From KCCUA’s Community Farm

We’ve had hundreds of questions about and requests for green beans. I’m glad everyone loves them. I know everyone has noticed their absence from our stand this year. Have you checked out other stands at the market? How about other markets? Are you finding green beans? I’ve been talking to area farmers and not one has had beans since June. Scary. The truth is July and August were just too hot. I remember seeding a bed on July 3 as the neighbors were sending off fireworks. The plants came up. Looked beautifully promising and the temperatures got hotter. And hotter. Promising plants started to set blossoms. Then it got hotter and the blossoms dropped. The blossoms dropped from the next planting and now we’re looking at the third planting hoping against hope that what are now tiny one-inch beans will size up by Friday. We want to pick some beans and we really want to sell some beans. Cross your fingers and mean it.
So, if we can we’ll bring green beans. Otherwise, you’ll be able to find edamame at our stand, lots of potatoes, winter squash, leeks, green onions, beets, carrots, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, tomatillos, eggplant, sweet peppers, hot peppers, summer squash, microgreens, funky fresh braising mix, sweet potato greens, a new crop of arugula, Malabar spinach, basil, fresh herbs and garlic.
We do appreciate your loyalty to this market and to local food. We’re grateful to be walking this path with you bumpy as it may be at times.
See you Saturday.

From Bread of Life: Hello Brookside Market Friends,

The Gluten Free bakery has been slowly coming together at our other location. Luke, Josiah and Chris have had a busy time this summer remodeling an old grocery store and turning it into a GF Bakery. We have found that the need is so great for those who suffer with gluten intolerance we thought that we would try to meet that need again with Amanda and Bethany running it (Sweet Sisters Gluten Free Bakery). We will have bread using Anna's Bread mix from Iowa. We are working with them to have the best Gf bread we can make. Our cookies ( Happy Trails Flax cookie is my favorite), muffins,and cake bites are ones we developed and enjoy as gluten lovers.
The rest of our goods will be at market and we hope to see you there as the weather should be nice.
Come by and have a breakfast burrito and coffee at Brookside Market,
Luke,Chris and Kathy


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Buy Organic, Buy Local, By Brookside
Saturdays from 8 to 1pm
In the heart of Brookside – 63rd and Wornall

Saturdays, 8am to 1pm
under the white tents at theBorder Star Montessori School
63rd & Wornall, Kansas City, MO 64113

The Farmers' Community Market at Brookside is Dedicated to Creating a Unique Partnership between the Community and Farmers who provide High Quality, Local and Organic Products in an atmosphere that is mutually beneficial, wholesome and fun.The Market also helps to support the Border Star PTA.

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Pam Bramlett – Market Manager
Farmers’ Community Market at Brookside
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Buy Organic, Buy Local, By Brookside

KC Organics at Minor Park - Saturdays, just East of Red Bridge Rd & Holmes (KCMO)

Farmers Market - KC Organics
(Minor Park - KCMO)

Saturdays 8am – 12:30pm
(Timezone: Central Time)

E 110th St & Red Bridge Road, Kansas City, MO (

KC Organics and Natural Farmers Market
“The Farmer’s Market in a Park”
Open Saturdays May 2nd through October 17th
8:00 am to 12:30 pm, in Minor Park
Go 1 mile South of I-435 on Holmes,then east on Red Bridge Road

  • fresh-picked, locally grown organic produce
  • also honey, edible flowers, herbs, mushrooms
  • breads and baked goods, grains, sauces
  • Free-Trade coffee and Eco-products
  • free-range eggs and some meats
  • soaps, body care products
  • natural stoneware jewelry

A Unique Market Experience in all the Best Ways

On the Grass, Under the Trees, in Beautiful Minor Park―with hikeable trails, lots of acreage, and the Little Blue River


Troost Community Farmers' Market - Saturdays at Linwood & Troost

This Saturday, Claudia has eggplant and tomatoes, as well as carrots and herbs. Supersweet 100's and yellow baby pear tomatoes are available this week.
Carrots, straight and baroque, white and yellow.  All are yummy!
 Fragrant herbs, much less expensive than in the grocery store, this week include rosemary, oregano, sage, bay leaf, basil, mints, chives, & lemony wood sorrel.  The basil is getting big, so there will be much more of it this week and the peppermint is oh so fragrant.
Don't forget peppermint lemonade and good lean buffalo meat (frozen).  Sorry, no charcoal grilled bratwurst, this week.
Last Saturday, Howard Walden and Bill Anthony were elected to the Board of Directors and Howard (aka Spanky) was made Sargent-at-Arms.

See you soon!
When: Saturday 8-noon
Where: corner of Linwood and Troost in KCMO
(parking lot west of Uncle Jim's furniture store)