Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money:
Investing as if Food, Farms and Fertility Mattered

by Woody Tasch
"Civilization is a big idea. So is the idea that as soil goes, so goes civilization. So is the idea that as money goes, so goes the soil.
"We don't need any more big ideas. We need small ideas. Beautiful ideas. Beautiful because they lead to a large number of beautiful, small actions, the kind alluded to by Wendell Berry: 'Soil is not usually lost in slab or heaps of magnificent tonnage. It is lost a little at a time over millions of acres by careless acts of millions of people. It cannot be solved by heroic feats of gigantic technology, but only by millions of small acts and restraints.'"

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WORLD FOOD DAY (*KC*) ~ FLASH MOB ACTION ~ 3pm-8pm SUNDAY, Oct 16, 2011 ~ Off The Plaza at Mill Creek Park

If YOU don't thinks twice 

about your food supply... 


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Excerpts from action postings:
‎"Today, the Center for Food Safety (CFS) announced its filing of a groundbreaking new legal petition with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) demanding that the agency require the labeling of all food produced using genetic engineering. CFS prepared the legal action on behalf of the Just Label It campaign; a number of health, consumer, environmental, farming organizations, and food companies are also signatories."

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Food begins and ends with soil. It grows out of the soil and eventually goes back in it to enable more food to be produced. This is the very cycle of life. But in recent years humans have ignored this vital cycle. We have been taking from the soil without giving back.The industrialization of agriculture, starting in Europe and North America, replicating later through the Green Revolution in other parts of the world, was based on the assumption that soil fertility could be maintained and increased through the use of chemical fertilisers. Little attention was paid to the importance of organic matter in the soil.


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Institute for Responsible Technology - Monsanto Whistleblower Says Genetically Engineered Crops May Cause Disease
Monsanto was quite happy to recruit young Kirk Azevedo to sell their genetically engineered cotton. Kirk had grown up on a California farm and had worked in several jobs monitoring and testing pesticides and herbicides. Kirk was bright, ambitious, handsome and idealisticthe perfect candidate...



Ever heard of the Liberty Link genetically engineered rice that turned out to be a disaster? Genetic engineering of crops clearly needs to be a nightmare of the past. We need to ditch it for good.

Genetically engineered rice gets into the U.S. food supply - July 9, 2007

America's rice farmers didn't want to grow genetically engineered rice. Their customers in Europe did not want to buy it. So how did it end up in our food? Fortune's Marc Gunther reports