Squash Blossom Food Buying Co-op - OPENING at the BADSEED Wed./Sat.

SBKC's June Ordering now open.
Distribution on June 26th
1909 McGee ~ KCMO

Squash Blossom grocery open at BadSeed
Wednesday evenings 4-7pm and
Saturday evenings 4-7pm

New Items:
healthy doggy treats, organic spelt flower, honey, soybeans, summer sausage and more free range meats .

Check out all the organic and local healthy foods from your local Food Cooperative.

No Feed lot/animal crudity practices by our producers, Parker Natural
Meats and Schenker Family Farms.


New to the online ordering process?? - - - here is a quick tutorial. Go to
http://www.squashblossomcoop.org/shop/join.php and download our membership brochure.

To start ordering, fill out the registration page and then you can use our system to get the Healthiest Food in the Heartland.


Community Resilience, Self-Reliance, Renewable Energy & Cooperation
Melissa Campb…
Melissa Campbell has invited you to the event 'Free high tunnel webinar' on Transition Missouri!
Check out "Free high tunnel webinar" on Transition Missouri

Melissa Campbell

Free high tunnel webinar
Location: Online webinar
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Event Description:
Wednesday, August 25, 2010
Noon – 1 p.m.
Registration Fee: FREE
Instructor: Steve Moore

Are you getting the most out of your high tunnels? This short webinar will focus on the use of low-cost inner tunnels in cool weather to increase microclimate temperatures. These microclimate enhancements have provided significant increases in plant growth and production capacity. There will be a significant portion of time for high tunnel questions.

See more details and RSVP on Transition Missouri:
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K.C. "GREEN REALTORS", please take note...

NOTE: Since this article was drafted, the newest version of the proposed ordinance change(s) for KCMO included much friendlier treatment of front yard gardens in residential zones. Stand by for CHANGE!!


A Kansas City Realtor in Support of the Proposed Urban Farming Ordinance

June 7th, 2010 | by sarahkc | Published in News | 6 Comments

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fresh broccoli from my urban garden

You’ve probably heard about the City of Kansas City, Missouri’s proposed urban farming ordinance. The new ordinance would permit residents to sell home-grown produce at their homes – something that’s not currently allowed. The city council is set to vote on the ordinance Thursday, June 10th. You can review some of the details of the ordinance in this Kansas City Star article from June 2nd.

While there seems to be healthy support for the ordinance, much of it organized by a group called Kansas City Center for Urban Agriculture, there has been some organized opposition as well – particularly from local real estate brokers and agents. They fear that urban farmers who sell produce from their homes will adversely affect the property values of their non-farming neighbors. A recent email from one agent included a flyer that contained the following assertion:

“It decreases property values because of the High traffic (auto & people) on & off the block, strangers constantly in neighborhoods increases crime risk & exposure, safety issues for children, workers & customers parking on the street coming & going.”

I respect other real estate industry professionals and their right to opinion, but I would like to clarify that I am a realtor who supports Kansas City’s proposed urban farming ordinance (although I disagree with the ordinance’s prohibition of front yard “row crops”). I believe that the presence of active, urban farmers is a good thing for our neighborhoods. The idea that the presence of enterprising gardeners and farmers will somehow ruin a neighborhood’s property values is unfounded.

Let’s keep in mind that property values are determined by what people value. The growing wave of interest and appreciation for urban agriculture and locally produced food is undeniable, and I believe that community gardens and active urban farmers add value to our neighborhoods. In addition to increasing the availability of healthy food, urban farming operations can help contribute a real sense of place and community to a neighborhood. These are values that healthy, sustainable neighborhoods have always found beneficial.

If you agree with me, and support the urban farming in Kansas City,
please send an email in support to
city_council (a) kcmo.org and mayor (a) kcmo.org

Whether you’re a realtor or a resident (or both), I would like to know how you feel about the proposed ordinance. Are urban farms a good thing for Kansas City’s neighborhoods? What do you see as the risks or the benefits ? Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading!


WESTPORT PLAZA FARMERS' MARKET - at Westport & Wyoming - WEDNESDAY Evening Local Food in Kansas City

Visiting another area market this weekend, I noticed a hefty wealth of produce. The diversity was indeed eye-catching, but it was a farse for those of us in the know. They had selected produce to sell that was seemingly in season, but was clearly trucked in from points south (Texas? Florida? Mexico? Chile?). Smart eaters know that cantaloupe doesn't harvest here yet. Many vendors buy and resell surplus or second rate items meant for grocery produce departments. Is this what we go to the farmers' market for?

We don't mean to be snobby at the Westport Plaza Farmers' Market, but local is just plain better!
Local food means less travel, less need for toxic preservation and refrigeration, more nutrition and more information about who took care of your food. Make an informed choice. Talk to the people who picked your produce and worked to get you the best in the area.

Whether it's lamb, beef, eggs, greens, salad mix, mushrooms, herbs, kohrabi, peas, honey, strawberries, or bread from local wheat, it is all from the KC area and is pure and honest. Ask your farmers on Wednesday from 4:30 to 7:30 at Westport Rd and Wyoming.

Dave Bennett
Market Mgmt.
Westport Plaza Farmers' Market

Wednesdays from 4:30 -7:30pm
make your local food selections on
Westport Road and Wyoming Street
in the lot located
three (3) blocks east of State Line
on the north side of the street.