Saturday - Farmers’ Community Market at Brookside

Farmer's Community Market at Brookside
Saturdays 8am-1pm

From: Franki Shearer

Hello Y'All,

Greetings from sunny South Carolina. Sorry this e-mail is not as "pretty" as my others, but I am working on a computer that does not have all my fancy programs. Well, my mission is fulfilled; I have eaten a bushel of shrimp, fried okra and fried green tomatoes. I have had a great time checking out what local eats there are to offer in this part of the country. Last night I had the local flounder, and it was great! But...

...I am very excited to get back to KC and check on my tomato crop. And, as you will read below, our farmers are starting to see the beginnings of their tomato harvest as well. Stop by Saturday and pick up all your holiday picnic needs. We still have great cuts of meat and lot of great fixings for some fresh side dishes.

As always, we look forward to seeing you at 63rd and Wornall every Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Also, check us out at

Now from our farmers......


From Kansas City Center for Urban Agriculture:

We just went through an unusual bit of hail storm here at the farm; large pieces the size of golf balls coming down all around us. For me, that's a first since my arrival here in the Midwest in 1999. I have heard of it on the news but never seen it this large. Luckily we don't have head lettuce or spinach in the field, otherwise you'd be looking at a lot of shredded produce this weekend.

Please remember to come out to the market this weekend. The produce keeps growing even on holidays and we hope you'll consider a quick trip to the farmers market to stock up on organic produce and then enjoy good food for the rest of your holiday weekend. Thank you!

We had our first noteworthy SUMMER SQUASH harvest yesterday; about three weeks late, much like many other crops this year, but much welcomed. You'll also find more first-rate FILET BEANS and TRI-COLOR BEANS on our tables. Both are really wonderful this time of year. And TOMATOES... yes, each week a little more, so don't miss out. More NEW POTATOES, BEETS, TURNIPS and CARROTS; also CABBAGE and CUCUMBERS; More BABY ONIONS, SCALLIONS and GARLIC (we just harvested a big round of garlic... you can smell it all through our building!). Also, beautiful bunched greens like KALE and CHARD as well as some baby SALAD GREENS if we can find them. I probably forgot something but whatever it is it'll be there for you on Saturday. Have a HAPPY FOURTH! (oh here's what I forgot: FRESH HERBS) See ya!

Daniel, Katherine, Dan and the crew


From Wells Family Farms:

Hello All,

Things on this farm sure could not possibly get any busier! Could they? The kids are at the grandparents for 7 days, which is some ways good and as many bad! Along with my attempts at berry picking I have about 100 thistle that have decided to join our fields. My spade tarp and bucket will be my buddies tonight! The calves in that pasture are very amusing and nosy so I am sure to have company!

I am looking to be stocked up this week so will see everyone at market. I can't promise berries but I will be pleased if I find enough!

See ya Saturday,


From Bread of Life Bakery:

Hello Brookside Market Friends,

This week has been hectic with hay getting finished, weeding, lawn work and another calf born to Luke Belted Galloway. It is so cute to see a little black calf with a white band around it's middle.

The Bakery will have it's usual breads with our new rosemary twist bread , snacks and honey pecan rolls. Luke and Chris will have more breakfast burritos this week with sausage, potato and egg, and meatless ones with potato,spinach and egg. We'll have Puddin Head Coffee, raspberry bars, granola bars, blueberry streusel scone and we will have vegan bran muffins this week and granola bars made with organic peanut butter.

Have a good week and see many of you on Saturday,

Kathy, Luke and Chris


The Farmers' Community Market at Brookside is Dedicated to Creating a Unique Partnership between the Community and Farmers that provides High Quality, Local and Organic Products in an atmosphere that is mutually beneficial, wholesome and fun. The Market also helps to support the Border Star PTA.

The Market is located in the Heart of Brookside where many Unique Shops and Restaurants are nearby to explore and spend a delightful Saturday afternoon.

The Market has a lively mix of Local and Certified Organic Farmers who provide Freshly-picked Vegetables, Fragrant Herbs, Juicy Sweet Fruit, Edible and Cut Flowers. Our Farmers use Sustainable and Humane practices to produce hormone and antibiotic-free Meat, Free-Range Eggs and Honey products.

TThe Market also features Organic Freshly-Prepared Artisan Food, including fresh hot Breakfast Burritos, and fresh hot fair-trade and locally roasted Coffee, Baked Goods including Pies, Assorted Breads, Cinnamon Rolls, Granola Cereals, Cookies, Brownies, Squares, including many Vegan varieties, Gluten-free and much more.

Organic Hand-Crafted Soap and Artists with unique handmade crafts complement our market.

here are weekly events at the market tent including live music, children's activities and cooking demonstrations by local chefs, which feature samples and seasonal recipes.

Tables and Chairs are here to Relax, enjoy some of our Tasty Breakfast Treats or Sit to Visit with your Friends.

Some Upcoming Special Events:

  • Tomato Festival is July 26
  • Children's Day is Aug. 16
  • Fall Festival is Oct. 4