CSA - Community Supported Agriculture - Mission Gardens' Missing Food

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KC STAR ARTICLE - Missing Farmer Leads to Missing Produce Reported by: Jenn Strathman

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Community supported agriculture gets locally grown, fresh food on tables all over the metro. Some CSA's promise more than they can deliver. Consumers need to realize it's a vegetable deal with risk.

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Our data base search yields nothing about Cooke's background. We can't find his farm. We only found a PO Box at a mailbox store. His business is also not registered with the state of Missouri or Kansas. The $365 fee took a huge bite out of several wallets, but gave customers little to chew on. We also made several calls and sent emails to cooke - he has not contacted us.

There are many good, local CSA's. Our experts say step one would be to visit the actual farm, before you buy.

Source: www.nbcactionnews.com
The demand for community supported agriculture outpaces the surplus, allowing you to lose your investment if you're not careful.