INSTANT KARMA OPPORTUNITY (the GOOD kind) SOSA needs your help RIGHT NOW in Northern MO

It's hotter than ... well... you know... and that means you have an opportunity to make a difference.  Right now, today JUNE 27, 2012.

Gleaning America's Fields ~ Feeding America's Hungry
Karin Page, Gleaning Coordinator, SoSA West

We are still trying to save 4800 lbs. of zucchini and cucumbers that are in Trenton, Missouri (approx. 90+ mi. NNE of KC).  If you have a pick-up truck or van and can take 4 hours out of your day, we are desperate for your help.  PLEASE call me if you are available.  We can pay for your gas.  The zucchini would go to the pantry of your choice or you can take it to the St. Joseph Food Bank.
We will send directions if you are available - please tell everyone you know.  Due to lack of rain, we will be having serious crop failures soon.  These zucchinis and cucumbers are going to be precious for people in need.  There won't be anymore excess. 
Thanks so very much!

Karin Page
Program Coordinator

Society of St. Andrew

Gleaning America's Fields
Feeding America's Hungry
PO Box 300323
Kansas City, MO 64130
Cell: 816-649-8166
The Society of St. Andrew is a national nonprofit hunger-relief ministry that rescues 25-30 million pounds of fresh, nutritious, excess produce each year that would otherwise go to waste for various marketing reasons. This food is then distributed to critical feeding agencies across the country at no cost to the agencies or the hungry people they serve.
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