Community Supported Agriculture MEETUP
Feb 19
Thu 6:00 PM

4124 Pennsylvania Ave
Kansas City, MO 64111


(RSVP deadline: February 19, 2009 4:30 PM)

Who's organizing?
Ben, Dan Wancura, Greg Garbos, Greg Reger, Jim, Kelly Gilbert, and Laura Sterchi

Season Burnett will tell about her work with the Kansas City Community Supported Agriculture Coalition.

The Kansas City CSA Coalition ("KCCSAC") is a project of the Kansas City Food Circle, created to:

  • Promote the concept and mission of Community Supported Agriculture ("CSA")
  • Assist CSA farmers who serve the Kansas City metro with marketing, promotion, public relations, and organization
  • Help "eaters" in the Kansas City metro area locate CSA farms and secure productive annual memberships with them
  • Create and maintain a resource center for both established CSA farmers and those considering starting new CSA operations
We look forward to seeing you there!

* You need not drink alcohol to attend *

For more information, please visit:


See also: The KC CSA Coalition



KCCSAC = Kansas City Community Supported Agriculture Coalition

A project of the Kansas City Food Circle

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