BADSEED Farmers' Market - Newsletter preceeding Friday 8/10/2012


Fellow Food Revolutionists -

It is thundering outside as I type.  Every fiber of my body is desperately pleading for rain...and not just any kind of rain...a vicious and relentless downpour.  I'm about as sun-scalded and burnt-up as my poor crops are.  I don't know how much longer any of us farmers can keep our spirits up in this absurd drought.  To be honest, even if we were to get a major downpour right now, it wouldn't change the fate of the summer crops.  They are done - some of em' completely dead, others on their way.  But sweet sweet rain could change the fate of our fall crops.  If conditions continue, there will be no autumn bounty, but if by some divine intervention it starts raining (regularly!) then greens, roots, and shoots will make it to the market tables in coming weeks.  It's all up to Mother Nature.  She's got the master plan and it's bigger than you and me (and our grumbling bellies). 

As most of you know, URBAVORE practices "no-till" agriculture which means we have NEVER turned over our soil with plows, tillers, or cultivators of any sort.  Instead we lay heavy straw mulch on top of the grass.  This mulch prevents light from reaching the living grasses underneath and they eventually die.  Worms, bacteria, and fungi work together to break up the soil.  The resulting soil structure creates ideal growing conditions for many food crops and (most notably) allows us to grow an abundance of food WITHOUT WATER...even in this freakin' drought.  It still blows my mind every time I walk out to my field - some of my crops have barely seen rain since they've been in the ground (!!), but yet they still produced better than crops on other farms with constant irrigation.  So, despite the harshness of the drought, I am amazed by this unique "no-till" system.  It's a hell of a lot of work (as all tasks must be performed by hand in lieu of using equipment) but in the end, it pays off.  Besides, water is a resource!  We forget that in this country as it flows out of faucets so readily.  As sustainable farmers, we must do everything we can to preserve our precious resources and work in accordance with nature. 

So, after all that jabber, you are probably wondering if we'll have anything to put on the market tables now that the drought has gotten the better of us!!  The answer is YES.  This will be the LAST WEEK for our full selection of luscious HEIRLOOM TOMATOES!!  After this week we will have smaller quantities.  Glorious Eggplant will also be in abundance as well as a meager offering of sweet peppers.  GOURMET POTATOES, Italian onions, and heavenly garlic will take the cake (as we have these storage crops in large quantities) and you can expect to see them for weeks to come.  Lew of Herb'n Gardener will have arugula and fresh herbs to boot, but (sadly) John and Meki of JJ Farms will take the week off.  Their summer stuff has completely pooped out, but they'll be back the following week if they can come up with some hidden fruits.  If all else fails, I will put my "market manager" hat on and get some additional farmers in the house to fill the void.  One way or another - you'll get fed!!  Rest assured, the Food Revolution will continue.


LIVE  NUDE  VEGETABLES!! and other organic delights...

Yours Truly,
-farmer and mistress of the BADSEED