Truth in Labeling - NEXT!! - My Missouri Milk Makes Monsanto Mad

Protect the Rights of Farmers and Consumers

House Bill 2283 (Missouri), introduced by Rep. Mike Cunningham, would ban any type of labeling that enables consumers to know if their dairy products contain rBGH, a genetically engineered hormone that induces cows to produce more milk.

This bill is being pushed by Monsanto (the producer of rBGH) in many states, and Missouri is the next target.

This Bill is Anti-Farmer, Anti-Consumer and Anti-Business!

Farmers have the right to let consumers know what is in their food and how it is produced.

This is not only an issue of free speech for farmers, but also a corporate and government intrusion into the business relationship between farmer and consumer.

Tell Missouri Legislators to...
Vote NO on House Bill 2283!

Call Rep. Cunningham and all Co-Sponsors!

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Also, Call Your Own Representative!

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Sponsor-Representative Mike Cunningham: (573) 751-3819

Co-Sponsors for HB 2283:
Rep. Shane Schoeller: 573-751-2948
Rep. Tom Loehner: 573-751-1344
Rep. Brian Munzlinger: 573-751-7985
Rep. Tom Self: 573-751-3971
Rep. John Quinn: 573-751-2917
Rep. Jay Wasson: 573-751-1503
Rep. Barney Joe Fisher: 573-751-5388
Rep. Edward Robb: 573-751-1471
Rep. David Day: 573-751-1446
Rep. Darrell Pollock: 573-751-4451
Rep. Larry Wilson: 573-751-1167
Rep. Steve Hobbs: 573-751-9458
Rep. Mike Dethrow: 573-751-1066
Rep. Raymond 'Ray' Weter: 573-751-2565
Rep. Don Wells: 573-751-1490
Rep. Danielle Moore: 573-751-5226
Rep. Charles Schlottach: 573-751-6668
Rep. Ward Franz: 573-751-1455
Rep. Van Kelly: 573-751-2205
Rep. Maynard Wallace: 573-751-2042
Rep. Ron Richard: 573-751-2173
Rep. Rodney Schad: 573-751-2077
Rep. Bob May: 573-751-5713
Rep. Therese Sander: 573-751-6566
Rep. Ellen Brandom: 573-751-5471
Rep. Michael Parson: 573-751-1347
Rep. Jason Smith: 573-751-1688
Rep. Sally Faith: 573-751-1452
Rep. Jim Guest: 573-751-0246