Transition Kansas City - Planning Meetings - 2nd Tuesdays thru December, 2009

The mission of the Kansas City Transition Initiative is to provide a resource for people in the greater Kansas City area – to inform and educate individuals who are interested in accomplishing a functional (non-catastrophic) transition from our current globalized, corporatized, fossil-fuel-based society to a new one based on localized (community-based) sustainability, permaculture and renewable energy.

  • Come to our Planning Meetings - 2nd Tuesdays thru December - next meeting is 9/8/2009 at the Waldo Library (201 E 75th St, KCMO) 6:00-8:00pm

  • Enroll in Communiversity Classes (Fall Schedule, 2009 at UMKC)

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Mission Farms Farmers' Market - THURSDAYS - 4:00-8:30pm



Come introduce yourself and get to know our local farmers with their fresh organically-grown produce, free-range meats, fruits and other locally grown products. The market is open every Thursday on the east end of the Mission Farms parking lot. Join in the fun.


Little Muddy Farm

Robert Jones

produce, sprouts, wheatgrass

Schenker Family Farms

Cherie Schenker

beef, pork, lamb, honey, brats

Pearly Gates Organic Soap

Nancy Gordon

soap, body care, greens, produce

Bread of Life Bakery

Kathy Crowther

bread, produce, cane juice,

Camp Creek Farms

Rick Newson


Foxfire Farm

Tammy Crandell

produce, herbs, sweet corn, eggs

The Organic Way

Denise and Dan May


Kay Peoples

Kay Peoples

organic dog treats

Gasper Family Farms


vegetable, fruits, meat, grains

Bear Creek Farms

Robbins Hail

vegetable produce, eggs

KC Food Circle's grower pages are in recovery mode... these links above are current for now.