USDA Pilot Project - High Tunnel UPDATE from Dan Nagengast



USDA Pilot Project - High Tunnels
UPDATE from Dan Nagengast

Hello all,

I've spoken with a couple of people who have pursued enrolling for the NRCS - High Tunnel Conservation Practice - EQIP funds here in Kansas. Knowledge about the project varies quite a bit from county office to county office. This is not uncommon. But every office has received a memo about it. In one case, a friend was allowed to enroll on the spot. In another, the NRCS agent asked for some time to do a little research.

If you are in one of the 38 states that are participating, my advice is to approach your county office now and let them know you plan on applying. Jan. 15 is the cut-off date and it will come quickly after the holidays. If you have not used NRCS programs before, you will have to enroll your farm, but they are allowing that to trail out after you've applied for the High Tunnel program.

If you go in to do this, and the agent you are working with isn't up to speed, please be courteous. These folks are very busy with much larger projects, and this is a very new program on a very fast track. Some of the parameters (for instance, the amount of the cost share), have not been defined. They are professional and they will respond. You might print off the Press Release (which has appeared several times on these list serves) and take it with you.

Dan Nagengast