UPDATE - BADSEED Farm 2010 - soon, a new beginning...


Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that Dan and I (very recently) received confirmation that our land proposal/purchase will go through after all!!! The City and HUD have reconsidered our offer due to pressure from a federal judge.....(gotta love politics).

This has come as a complete surprise to us. We had begun the process of dismantling the farm/business and were even prepared to take a job on a horse-powered sheep dairy in New York. Life can change pretty quickly to say the least.

That means BADSEED (and the market) is here to stay.......and for the long haul as it will only take us 40 years to pay off the loan!

Until the papers are signed and we get through the re-zoning process, it is not a done deal. However, we must proceed in good faith. In a few months (if everything goes as planned) we should be able to call ourselves the proud owners of 13 glorious acres in Kansas City, MO.

Since we will not be able to access the land soon enough to grow on it this season, we will farm our current site under the restrictions put forth by the City, and transition over accordingly. The land is completely raw with no infrastructure, water, or adequate fencing......and currently about 20 deer bed down on it each night. You can only imagine the amount of leg-work that will need to go into this site before we even think about planting out the orchard and vegetable production.

Thank you all so much for your support. This has been one hell of a ride for Dan and I - and we certainly could not have made it out alive without your friendship and guidance.

With Love,

Brooke & Dan

Community of Reason . NET at UMKC - Guest Speaker: Julie Urbanik - "Gnaw on This: Examining Livestock's Environmental Impact”

1:00pm-3:00 pm, Haag Hall, Room 301
COR Sunday program:
  • "Gnaw on This:
    Examining Livestock's Environmental Impact

    Julie Urbanik, Assistant Professor of Geosciences at UMKC

    As a cultural geographer, Dr. Urbanik studies the relationship of humans to other animals. She will explore one of the most fundamental relationships we have - that of eating other species.

    LOCATION: Haag Hall (northwest corner of 52nd & Rockhill Road), University of Missouri at Kansas City (Park on level 4 of the parking structure south, across the street; 3rd floor of Haag is accessed directly through overhead walkway.)

All are welcome!


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