Merriam Organic Market

Merriam (Kansas) Organic (Farmers) Market

August, 2008 - A Full-On Summer Blast
Growing from day one, Merriam Organic Market is steadily gaining new and repeat customers in this, our opening market season ...

Fresh vegetables, greens, plantings and special items are coming in stronger now, in larger quantities and greater variety as the season progresses. We have a number of growers offering the finest local in-season organically and sustainably-grown produce every week:

  • Platte Prairie Farms - Steve Mann (of SquashblossomKC fame)
  • J-14 Enterprises - Joe Jennings (with help from Food For Life of KCK, and others...)
  • Kasckow Farm - Ted Kasckow and Family
  • Blue Door Farm - Laura Christensen (every other week - returning on 6/24)
  • Josiah's Garden - a new farmer, branching out from the family bakery business*

* Bread of Life Bakery is providing Whole-Grain *and* Gluten-Free baked goods, as usual. Rest assured, the gluten-free products are made in a completely separate facility - you can check out their info & product listings at and - if you want to set up a standing order for a particular item, let us know at market.

We have a number of local artists and craftspeople selling their own hand-made wares every week - from soaps to purses, jewelry to eco-T-shirts, you can shop LOCAL all evening.

We've also been blessed with live music from time to time... this week we're looking for a new act to keep our toes tapping for a while...

Ours is a healthy market in so many ways... please mark your calendars, and Slow Down for M.O.M. on Tuesday evenings.

Merriam Organic Market
5772 Merriam Drive
(in the Merriam Farmers Marketplace)
Merriam, Kansas 66203